Film Review: ‘About Time’

3 Nov

Film: About Time

Best line: “My Son. My Dad”

Review: Many times when I’m contemplating life, I like to lose myself in something frivolous that doesn’t require much concentration on my part. I’m in my head a lot and if I think too much my thoughts can turn into an unhealthy obsession of sorts. It’s not sexy.

This weekend, I needed a break from thinking about being single and wanting a family. Meeting a wonderful man and getting married is really at the top my list these days. I have no idea how to tackle my roller coaster emotions, surrounding the looming question….”when will it happen for me?”  So, in an effort to not let my runaway thoughts rule my weekend, I thought I would get out of my head, de-stress, and go watch a great film. Preferably, a romantic comedy set in the English countryside. Boy was I in luck when I came across this lovely film called ‘About Time!’ This film is brilliantly done! It follows the life of a young man Tim, played by (Domhnall Gleeson), who has the ability to travel back in time. Tim is a shy, awkward, 21 year old man who is searching for love. He leaves his parents home in the English countryside and moves to London to take a stab at finding love. His first year in London doesn’t lend him many prospects in the love category and discouragement begins to set in. One night he goes out with his friend (who’s even more awkward) and BAM! Love hits him right in the face! He crosses path with Mary, played by (Rachel McAdams). Its love at first sight. Mary and Tim are actually both pretty awkward but they connect in the most genuine and authentic way. Their chemistry is real and honest and its such a treat to watch it develop over the course of the movie. Tim’s connection with Mary changes the longitude of his life. He’s completely bewitched by her. What would a romantic comedy be without a few road blocks on love front?! In the beginning their connection is short lived when Tim discovers one of his friends needed his help the night he met Mary. He makes another life-altering decision and decides to travel back in time to help correct his friends major problem. Once he decides to help out his friend by traveling back in time, his interaction with Mary will be non-existence and he must set out to find her again. Thus launching the plethora of “time traveling” events that are peppered throughout the film and aide in Tim’s obsession to correct every missed opportunity in his life. Its a lovely story that dives into the depth of how we as humans have a hidden desire to rewrite history in our daily personal lives. Many of us, if given the opportunity, would jump at the chance to relive an amazing moment or right a missed opportunity……..even if it included a wild idea like time traveling.

I left the theater feeling a bit more hopeful about my pursuit for love. I’m not married yet and I haven’t had the privilege of having a child yet. My life is still very full and the exciting part………I don’t need to travel back in time because my husband and children are in my future. So, I must continue to press through my roller coaster of emotions and look forward to the amazing connections before me and hopefully soon “love” will cross my path in the form of a wonderful man!

This really is one of the sweetest movies I’ve seen in years! I highly recommend it, even if its just to escape your own nagging thoughts for a couple of hours.


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