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Grunge à la mode: Like a PUNK

4 Sep

I’m a Pacific Northwest chic at heart! I love fresh salmon, mountains and evergreen trees are comforting, I can correctly pronounce Snoqualmie, and sometimes I crave being in the rain. Yep. Seattle is in my DNA. I’m beyond pumped that the grunge-style (inspired by the 90’s Seattle music scene) is back on the map. When I was in the 6th grade, I was obsessed with all things plaid, leather, and doc martins. I lived in my doc martin shoes. Oh the memories!

This time around the grunge-style is bit more modern with fashion lovers pairing their plaid skirts, utilitarian jackets, and edgy studded heels. Its the perfect combination of feminine and punk. Hey you only live once. Are we still using ‘yolo’?


spring-trends-2013-grunge-plaid-shirt-around-your-waist  lfwstreet7




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