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Single in San Francisco – Entry 1

2 Sep

Here’s the thing, when you’re 35 and single you start to get real creative with the activities you participate in, with the hopes of meeting available suitors. My friend and I decided to attend a French film this afternoon, to satisfy our ever-expanding fascination with all things French. When we arrived we weren’t able to get our tickets because we bought our advance tickets for the wrong day – epic fail 1. Our showing was at 2:25pm – epic fail 2 (there are no men under the age of 80 watching a foreign film at 2:25pm). Once we had the ticket situation figured out, we walked into the theater to find our seats – epic fail 3. The women sitting in a couple of seats behind us, began to strike up a conversation about law school. Prepare yourselves for a one way ticket to crazy town.

The conversation begun like this:

Random Chick: “Hey, didn’t I go to law school with you”.

My friend: “No. I wish I went to law school. LOL”

Random Chick: “Well. I went to law school, traveled aboard, I have several degrees, but I’m not a virgin and can’t get a job at a law firm because I’m not willing to sleep some old lawyer.”

Me: “Ok. Time to move.”

Random Chick: “Yep. If you’re not willing to sleep with old lawyers then you’re not getting hired. Or you need to have a rich Daddy.”

My friend: “Oh. really”

Random Chick: “America is messed up. You need a rich Daddy or sleep with old men to get anywhere in this country. You must have a rich Daddy, it can’t be a rich Mom. It has to be a rich Daddy.”

The random chick actually continued to talk to herself the entire film. She was laughing a ton and the film was a drama. I actually thought the whole situation was quite hilarious. Needless to say the French film (Thérèse) was excellent! Check back next weekend for Entry #2, when we tackle attending our first meeting up.

Silders, pomme frites, and glass of chardonnay! A delicious meal to end our cray cray french film experience.


A box of yummy French macarons! Love!


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