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Handbag Mania: 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target (PHOTOS)

12 Aug

I can’t wait until this collection launches! I’m going to buy EVERY single handbag in the collection! I wish you could see the serious expression on my face as I wrote that last sentence. Your ALL mine! Every satchel will be in my cart come September 15th!!! Game on!


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3.1 Phillip Lim for Target (FULL Lookbook Men’s Collection ONLY)

12 Aug

This collection is so legit, I might just pass out! I’m swooning over every outfit!!! I so wish I knew where my future hubby was, he would be fully decked out in this smashing collection. Leave it to the brilliant 3.1 Phillip Lim to design the best men’s collaboration collection I have seen to date! The prices are unknown as of yet but I will surely keep you all posted. Who’s excited to shop this collection at Target on September 15th?!










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Recap Mondays: ‘The White Queen’ on STARZ (Episode 1) Review

12 Aug

Saturday nights just got a bit more Royal in the States! The new period drama ‘The White Queen’ premiered this past Saturday on STARZ. If you’ve read Philippa Gregory book ‘The White Queen’, then you’re familiar with the captivating story of Elizabeth Woodville, King Edward’s IV wife. Elizabeth was a commoner who’s storybook beauty caught the eye of the King. Legend has is that King Edward was besotted with her from day one! Now that’s how you catch a man.

This series is really a prequel to ‘The Tudors’, which basically follows King Henry VIII Grandmother’s (Elizabeth Woodville) rise and fall to power. I’m swooning over Max Irons who plays King Edward, he’s beyond HOT! In the first episode we get a chance see Elizabeth coming to the throne, once she’s married King Edward in “private” ceremony. (Loved her tie-dyed blue wedding gown.) I can already tell that I’m going love the contentious dialogue between Jacquetta (Elizabeth’s mother) and King Edward’s IV mother, Duchess Cecily. Jacquette is going to put that woman in her place. I’m so looking forward to watching this series, it has a lot of potential to be the next great period series! There are some saucy scenes in this series, so be sure not to watch this program with the kiddies in the room. I’ve attached a link to the first episode via YouTube. Will you be watching ‘The White Queen?’


‘The White Queen’ (Episode 1)

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