The BEST Handbag Designer on Etsy: Rebyc

22 Jul

I’m a handbag junkie, straight up! Designer handbags are my weakness. I will save all year just to purchase that one bag I’ve been swooning over. Lately, my affections for handbags has gone to a particular designer on Etsy – Rebyc! The brilliant and wonderful Stephany Childers is the talented designer behind these one-of-kind gems! The amazing thing about her bags (besides them being epic cool) they’re eco-friendly. Stephany uses all recycled leather and fabrics to create these masterpieces. Pictures do not do the beauty of her handbags justice. If you’re looking for a unique, impeccable quality, and beautiful handbag, this designer is for you. Her bags are legit! Swoon!







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One Response to “The BEST Handbag Designer on Etsy: Rebyc”

  1. Idan Bail (@IdanBail) July 23, 2013 at 1:25 pm #

    I love that these are made from recycled leather – so chic and sustainable!
    fashion for a cause

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