Fancy Date Outfit

8 Jul

This is my excited face! It’s the face I would make, if I were heading out on a fancy date. Sadly, its been awhile since a handsome suitor requested my presence on a fancy date. I’m not sure what the deal is with the lack of fancy dates in my life. Maybe, I should do some brainstorming on how to secure my next fancy date. Is it annoying you at how many times I’m using the words “fancy date” in this post?  Fancy date. Fancy date. Fancy date. Ok. Enough of that. Anyway, I really adore this jewel-toned brocade coat. It’s the perfect garment for any dress. I snagged it at Loehmann’s a few years ago for a whopping $20 (originally $250). I love pairing it with a vibrant colored dresses. Similar to the fuchsia dress I’m rocking.

Tip: If you’re ever in a fashion bind, spice up your plain dress with a fancy coat and you will have one brilliant outfit on your body. Fancy date! Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

Purple pink outfit 1

Purple pink outfit 3

Purple pink outfit 4

Purple pink outfit 5

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All photos taken by Audrey McGee Photographer

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