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The $1650 Silk Robe (Carine Gilson Egérie silk-satin Robe)

20 Jun

I’m no ‘bond girl’ but I’m convinced I could rock this robe with the best of them. This is one hot mama robe! I first spotted this gorgeous robe in the brilliant ‘Skyfall’ movie. Designed by Carine Gilson, the grand robe is created from the most luxurious silk. The silk is made in Lyon, in the same mill used by Hermès. The lingerie is handcrafted and adorned with the finest Chantilly lace. What women wouldn’t want to grace her body with this little silk number. Better question? What MAN, wouldn’t want to see a woman’s body graced in this little silk number. I wonder if Snookums (my future hubby) likes silk?! Hey Boo……




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