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Ernest Jones (Jewelry for Love & Life)

31 May

I spy some major arm candy! Check out Ernest Jones, a UK online retailer that sells a whole lot of bling! They have everything your little jewelry heart can image. Some AH-mazing brands too – Marc Jacobs, Gucci, and Swarovski to name a few. I’m smitten with the ‘Tresor Paris Tornade white crystal bracelet’ That bracelet has ‘date night’ written all over it. Here are a few of my favorite pieces below.  Sea Mist at Ernest Jones

Tresor Paris Tornade white crystal bracelet



Chamilia sterling silver Siena Brio bead


Tresor Paris Reel 8mm black crystal ball stud earrings


Chamilia Love Birds sterling silver bead


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Andy Warhol & Bugaboo

30 May

I’m not a Mother yet…and I do stress the word yet. I definitely see babies in my future! First I need to meet and marry Snookums (my future hubby). I wonder where he could be. Anywho. If I were a mother right this minute, I would be all over this. I adore Andy Warhol! He’s one of my favorite artist. The collaboration between Andy Warhol’s artwork and bugaboo is genius. Who wouldn’t want their little one’s stroller dedicated out in a bit of sophisticated art culture.

Be forewarn. Bugaboo is not cheap. These limited-edition Andy Warhol stroller sun canopies will set you back $199 a pop! Check out the entire Flowers & Cars collection HERE






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Embracing Shapewear (A story of trial and error)

27 May

A couple of weeks ago I had a very exciting event to attend (more details on that at a later date). This event was HUGE and required me to look my best! Since, I’m currently in between dress sizes. I decided to break down and purchase a shapewear garment. I had a simple and classic dress that I wanted to rock, which required some assistants in the smoothing and lifting department…..if you get my drift.  I’m on a VERY tight budget so Target was all I could afford. Once I got to Target I waltzed over to the women’s intimate department. I was shocked at the large selection of shapewear they had. Kudos to Target for the amazing selection!

It took me a couple of minutes (actually more like 30 minutes) to decide on a few pieces to try on. I spotted several pieces that I thought would work for the dress I was going to wear. With a pep in my step, I headed to the dressing room with my selection of shapewear in tow. The first piece of shapewear I tried on had so many straps that I took one look at it and said “Um, not gonna happen”. The second piece was even worse with a cinching waist and thigh feature that left my body looking like sausage trying to escape from its packaging. The fifth piece was the killer (yes I realize I skipped the 3rd and 4th, they’re not even worth mentioning). I decided to try on what resembled a high-waisted  pair of  long shorts. As I slipped the shapewear on, I immediately let out a scream.  That sucker was literally so tight, I was actually being asphyxiated. Or so I thought. Either way it was incredibly painful. My screams got a bit  louder and I was positive the dressing room attendant was going to think I was being attacked. I stood there, half-naked in the dressing room with this shapewear piece – disguised as a 1500’s torture device locked around my waist and hips. No matter how hard I tried, it would not relent its death grip from my body. My right arm began to tingle and I was experiencing shooting pains running up the back of my neck. How in the world does that happen? How does a piece of clothing around your waist and hips, cause pain to your head. That doesn’t even seem logical. I started having a bit of a panic attack, trying to figure out away to get out of this crazy piece of shapewear. I even tried bouncing against the dressing room walls in an effort to loosen the viciously tight piece of clothing. For a split second I considered calling for the dressing room attendant and begging her to cut the garment off of me. Finally after much wiggling, stretching, shimmy, jumping up and down, the demon shapewear released its synthetic claws from my body. Hallelujah! Free at last! Thank God Almighty! I was FREE at last! I sat on the bench in the dressing room for a good 10 minutes trying to catch my breath. After about 5 more minutes I worked up enough nerve to try on one last piece. A cute pair of tummy toning boy shorts. They slipped on nice and easy. Just like butter, baby! They were perfect! The best part was the boy shorts did not remove all the oxygen from my lungs. My tummy toning boy shorts cost a whopping budget-friendly $13.99! Winning! It was the perfect undergarment for my sweet little pink dress!

I’m might work up enough courage to try on something more “shapewear authentic” in the near future. For now, I’m completely satisfied with my tummy toning boy shorts. Holla!



Suddenly Skinny! Control Tummy Toning Boyshorts


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SWOON! GUCCI Soho Leather Disco Bag

24 May

Hey hey heeeey….loving this Gucci handbag! It’s the perfect little statement piece. The ‘Gucci Soho Leather Disco Bag’ starts at $850 a pop. I love the vintage vibe and the tassel zipper pull. This is definitely going on my list for must-have items for fall!



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Cool. Hip. Mens Designer Clothing

21 May

I love a well dressed man! Designer has an awesome selection of  Mens Designer Clothing! Check out the rad criminal damage hoodies, franklin campus t-shirts, and much… much more at great prices. Here a few of my favorite pieces from Designer Free shipping for UK customers.

Criminal Damage Mens Navy Brick Zip Top


Franklin & Marshall Franklin and Marshall Mens T-shirt 


Duck And Cover Mens Blue/Black Tinnu Jeans


‘Downton Abbey’ Season 4 UPDATES

15 May

PBS has set a premiere date for ‘Downton Abbey’ Season 4. Drum Roll please…… January 5th, 2014! Boo! The UK will get to the watch Season 4 in September of this year. That’s a full 4 months before the U.S. I’m NOT happy about this!

Last season we lost our beloved Matthew Crawley. Naturally Lady Mary will need a new love interest – (I hope you didn’t expect Lady Mary to roll as a single mother in season 4). I give you the gorgeous Tom Cullen as Lord Gillingham! No word as to which episode in season 4 – Tom Cullen’s character will be introduced. By the looks of his photo below, I think my grieving process for Matthew just got easier. Also, in other big DTA news. The show has cast their first black actor for season 4. British actor Gary Carr will play Jack Ross, a very talented jazz singer. Whoa! Gary Carr is a FOX! My waiting period for Downton Abbey to return is going to be tortuous. I need January 5, 2014 to hurry up! I’m soooo excited about Season 4 to start, I can’t  breathe. Ok. I’m being dramatic. I can breathe. I’m just REALLY excited!

Who else is excited for DTA season 4?

Tom Cullen (Lady Mary’s new Beau)


Gary Carr (Jack Ross – jazz singer)


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Crockett & Jones (The Gentlemen Shoe)

15 May

Hello handmade leather shoes! These shoes for men are SMASHING! I’m in love with the Islay Boot. They’re the cat’s meow! Crockett & Jones have been around for ages. The iconic shoe company was founded in 1879 in Northhampton, England.  Daniel Craig (aka James Bond) rocked them in the movie Skyfall. Hey! If they’re good enough for Bond, they’re good enough for you. I so fancy my future hubby rocking these when I meet him. Le Sigh…. Men’s leather shoes UK


Islay Boot 


Crockett & Jones Summer 2013 Collection


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High Octane (Action Sports)

14 May

Here’s an amazing online shop for all you action sports junkies High This rad shop! They carry some amazing brands, one of my favorites being Oakley. Check out a few of my favorite picks below. Free shipping offered for all UK customers. Visit High Octane’s cheap ski wear sale.

Dare 2b Head On Beanie


Surfanic Delight Jacket


Bolle Powder Ski Helmet 


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ARKIVE (Scotlands Premier On-line Shop)

11 May

ARKIVE is one of Scotlands premier independent fashion stores . In addition to their free-standing stores, they have a pretty rad online shop. The shop carries some of the best brands, Eastpak, Obey, TOM’s shoes, and Criminal Minds Apparel just to name a few. Anything your little skater heart desires can be found on cool site. Below are a few of my favorite pieces from ARKIVE. Find mens VANS shoes.

Eastpak Backpack – Forever Panther


Obey Obey Harmony T-Shirt


Criminal Damage Everest Hoody


Supra Skytop High Shoes


Toms Womens Metallic Linen Shoes


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3.1 Phillip Lim for Target (Sneak Peek VIDEO)

10 May

Christmas just came early ya’ll! Phillip Lim will be the next designer to do a collaboration with Target. The collection will include Men and Women pieces. Prices vary…..dresses and seperates, $20 -$75. Bags under $60. Signature leather jackets $250 – $300. The collection hits stores 9-15-13! Can’t wait!!!

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