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Dream Leather Bracelet

17 Apr

Sometimes we need a bit of positive affirmation in life. Like this bracelet I picked up in L.A. last weekend. Everytime I wear it I’m reminded that my dreams are still attainable. All it takes is focus, belief, and trust. Your faith has the power to transfer your dreams into reality. I thank God for the privilege to dream! What are you dreaming about these days?





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Life is Beautiful: Baby Bird Hatching from Egg

17 Apr

I apologize in advance how crazy I sound in this video. My brother’s dog (Bubba) was barking so loud. In effort to quite him down I had to bribe him with a cookie. It worked!

This post is totally unrelated to fashion but nonetheless still inspiring. I’ve been watching this little bird nest outside our front door for the past three weeks. I was hoping to catch one of the eggs hatching. By chance this afternoon, I was able to film one of the baby bird being born. It was such an incredible experience to watch. Life is VERY beautiful!

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