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Kiki’s Kitchen: Crispy Spring Rolls

11 Apr

A couple of days ago I was in the mood to recreate one of my favorite childhood memories, crispy spring rolls. My mother use to make these as a special treat on holidays and birthdays. This is a simple recipe and one I enjoy making when I need a reminder of home. I forget the secret spice my Mom uses, so I had ring her for some tips. They’re simple and delicious! #getinthekitchen



1 head of Cabbage

4-6 Pork chops

1 head of Garlic

3-4 large Carrots

Dashida seasoning


STEP ONE: Sprinkle some of the (Dashida) beef stock bouillon on your pork chops. Cook pork chops in a hot saute pan with 1 teaspoon of sesame oil for about 4-5 minutes on each side.


STEP TWO: Saute the minced garlic, shredded cabbage, and shredded carrots into a large saute pan. Add 1 teaspoon of (Dashida) beek stock bouillon to your veggies and cook for 10 to 15 minutes until veggies are soft but not too soft. They should have a bit of crunch to them.  Add chopped pork chops to cooked veggies and mix together.


STEP THREE: Place filling into 1 spring roll wrapper. Be careful with this process as the spring roll wrappers are very delicate and can rip.



STEP FOUR: Continue wrapping until you have a completed spring roll. It should look like this once your finish wrapping it.



Fry your spring rolls in a pan with vegetable oil. Serve with sweet & sour dipping sauce. Enjoy. Eat. Be Happy.


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