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Kiki’s Kitchen: Breakfast Chilaquiles!

28 Feb

I love breakfast! It’s my favorite meal of the day! Anytime I hang out with friends, I suggest brunch over dinner. Everything about breakfast is AH-mazing! Fresh Squeezed OJ. Fried Country Potatoes. Bacon. Biscuits with homemade raspberry jam. Oh the JAM! It’s the BEST! One of my favorite new dishes to make are chilaquiles – breakfast style. This is a simple and much quicker recipe for making breakfast chilaquiles. It’s less traditional but still super delicious. Happy Thursday my darlings!



STEP ONE: Fry up 2 eggs in a pan and set aside on a plate.


STEP TWO: Toasted up some tortilla chips in the same pan.


STEP THREE: Pour a can of enchilada sauce over the toasted chips.


STEP FOUR: Top with your favorite cheese and bake in the over for 10min at 400.


STEP FIVE: Place your fried eggs on top and serve! (garnish optional)


Eat! Enjoy! Be Happy!


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