Downton Abbey Season 3: Recap Mondays – Episode 3

21 Jan

I knew it! I knew this Branson-character was no good. You see what happens when you marry “the help.”  This so-called husband of Sybil has left her stranded. Dude was caught vandalising the home of Irish nobility and bounced. Lady Sybil was left to figure out the mess.What kind of man abandons his pregnant wife? What a Joker! In an effort to save Sybil from ruin. Lord Grantham travels to London to speak with his lawyer on Tom’s behalf. Lord Grantham is hoping to work out a deal to keep Tom out of prison (for participating in the destruction of the Irish nobility’s home).Tom is becoming a real headache for the Crawley family. I have a small piece of advice for Lady Sybil – never trust a chauffeur and smile.

Edith went all “single ladies” in episode 3. Edith was like “bump this”….. I’m taking charge of own my life. What a comeback! It only took her a half of an episode to bounce back from being jilted by Sir Anthony. Within a couple of hours Edith had landed a job as writer for a local newspaper.  Her first published piece was on women’s rights concerning the vote. Talk about a complete turn around.

Well, well, well, a new hottie has arrived at Downton Abbey.  The new footman (James) is quite the looker and seems to be sparking a few love interests. Move over Alfred and make room for Jimmy-Jam or James as Carson prefers to call him. I think there are few ladies and possibly one gent with their eyes on handsome Jimmy. It looks like Thomas might be making a play of J-man. We’ll see how things develop in episode 4.

Boy the wheels are a spinning in O’Brien twisted brain. She is planning something extra devious for Thomas. Does anybody else feel like Mrs. O’Brien has too much time on her hand with all this plotting and planning? She needs a love interest like pronto. I’m positive, a date or two might be just the ticket for her to simmer down a bit. I mean even “evil” ladies need love. Maybe Mr. Mosley could play her love interest. Now, there’s a story.

More jailhouse shenanigans for Mr. Bates. I’m actually starting to really enjoy all these jailhouse scenes. Not only are the scenes quite hilarious but I love the back and forth of Bates and his cellmate trying to frame each other. This time Bates’s cellmate gets the guard to block all of his letters from Anna. (Bates believes Anna has stopped writing because she no longer loves him.) Bates is tipped off by another inmate that one of the guards is trying to frame him with….”weed”. Or at least that’s what I’m calling it. I’m still scratching my head from last week’s episode which featured  a “weed/burlap thingy.”  What is it that keeps being hidden behind Mr. Bates’s bed?  That’s the million dollar question. If you have any ideas on what “it” is. Please get back to me? Moving on. Bates discovers the weed hiding behind his bed and then turns right around and hides behind his cellmates bed. Just in the nick-of-time. The guards enter into his cell and perform one of their “random” searches only to discover the weed behind his cellmate’s bed. The cellmate then makes some kinda of threat towards Mr. Bates and is whisked off to isolation.

Best Line: “Edith dear, you’re a women with a brain and reasonable ability. Stop whining and find something to do.” – Dowager Countess

To watch season 3 / Episode 3 Click Here

Lady Sybil and Tom Branson


James (footman) and Carson (butler)


Sybil and Tom


Mary and Matthew


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