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Top 10 Worst Fashion Trends – 2012

31 Dec

It’s that time of the year again! Here is my list for the “Top 10 Worst Fashion Trends” for 2012. It’s been a great year for fashion with the beloved peplum and the amazing Celine luggage tote.. However, 2012 has produced some not so great fashion trends. Here are a few…..

Happy New Years Eve! Be safe and celebrate in style! xoxo ūüôā

1. Fake Glasses

Steve Urkel called he wants his glasses back. It seemed like every A list – NBA player and celebrity alike rocked a pair of “fake eyeglasses” this year. I’m really perplexed by this trend. Why would you want to wear glasses if you dont’ need them. Further more why would you remove the lenses from the glasses. You would think with all the money they have they could at least afford to have lenses inside their glasses. ¬†I wonder if they saw a fake eye doctor to get their fake eyeglasses.

fake glasses

2. Meggings

No. No. No. We’ve been over this for the past 2 years. No tight pants on men! Why are we still talking about men wearing leggings. The memos have been sent and read. Please for the love of fashion. Men! STOP….squeezing your entire “gym membership” into this incredibly small piece of fabric. It’s NOT okay.



Yes. This seems like a fantastic idea. Adults wearing onesies in public. Why would anyone want to revisit the clothes they use to wear as an infant. What’s next… bibs for adults?!?


4. Stacked Bracelets

The “stacked jewelry” or “arm candy” trend is one I chose NOT to participate in. I can get down with mixing up my jewelry but wearing every piece I own is insane. This stacked jewelry trend makes you look like a fashionista suffering from schizophrenia. Make up your mind! It’s not that hard to commit to one piece of jewelry.


5. No Heel Shoes

I would love to know what¬†dinosaur species you are trying to emulate when rocking these heels. Sexy is not the adjective that comes to mind when seeing these monstrosities¬†worn. They’re a no-go in my book.


6. Stilettos Nails

The beloved “stiletto nail” is NOT my cup of tea. Why would I want to wear fake nails that look like I’m the Wicked Witch from the Wizard of Oz. I don’t care how pretty you paint them they still look like human claws.


7. High Waisted Acid Wash Jeans

They weren’t cute in the 80’s and they’re not cute circa now. ¬†Acid wash anything should be banned from fashion for the next 100 years!

8. Bralette Tops

These little tops are the worst! Primarily, because it looks like you’re wearing your 8-year-old sister’s swimming top.


9. Mullet Hems

Nothing about this skirt says fashionable. The uneven hem suggests that the designer couldn’t make up their mind. Short hem or long hem – thus birthing the “mullet hem” skirt. The word “mullet” didn’t work for hair and certainly doesn’t work for a skirt.


10. The Headband Veil

Why? Veils should only be reserved for weddings or funerals. Enough said!


Prabal Gurung for Target: A Love Story (Video)

27 Dec

Share the Love

Merry Christmas / Joyeux No√ęl

25 Dec

Hi Darlings! I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas! I hope today is filled with lots of love, joy, and happiness! xoxo ūüôā


ThreadLab: DIY Men’s Apparel

24 Dec

Have you ever fancied being your own Designer? You have! Well. You’re in luck. ThreadLab, a fairly new company specializes in DIY Men’s¬†Apparel. The concept is modular¬†clothing. Taking the core and basic components of men’s apparel and making them interchangeable. For example, creating your very own button down shirt by switching out the collar and pockets. You also have the option of dying different parts of the shirt and customizing it to your individual style. ¬†The creation is yours and the ideas are endless. It’s quite genius really!

ThreadLab recently¬†launched a funding campaign on ¬†They are currently 7 days left and they’re ¬†few thousands dollars shy of their $8,000 goal. If you’re feeling generous this holiday season, this a great way to give and help an amazing company further along their dream. Check out the awesome video below. Click Here to contribute to ThreadLab¬†on…… Merry Christmas Eve!


THE LOOK : Downton Abbey’s Michelle Dockery Talks Fashion (Video)

22 Dec

Penhaligon’s of London at Saks Fifth Avenue (San Francisco)

21 Dec

A couple of weeks ago I attended a special event for “Penhaligon’s¬†of London”,¬†¬†at Saks Fifth Avenue in San Francisco. Penhaligon’s¬†of London is a lovely British perfume company established in 1872 by the brilliant William Penhaligon. They’re perfume is made from the finest rare ingredients – like hand squeezed bergamot and jasmine twice the price of gold. The scent of their perfumes is so intoxicating, you won’t want to stop smelling yourself.

I was treated to a one-on-one perfume consultation, by the ever so knowledgable Brian Kurtz (Marketing Director for North America). Brian took the time to explain the rich history of the Penhaligon’s¬†of London brand. The brand has been around for ages. Winston Churchill wore Penhaligon’s of London iconic “Juniper” scent. The packaging is Ah-mazing! Each bottle is so unique and special, with a color coded label and matching ribbon. The bottles are perfect for any perfume collector. The packaging also bears the official royal seals from Prince Phillip and Prince Charles. It’s all so old world England. I love it!

After walking through roughly ten different scents, I couldn’t make up my mind as to which one was my favorite. And then it happened. Brian took out a gorgeous little bottle from a red box, slipped off the top, and handed the bottle to me. I inhaled a glorious smell – filled with citrus, nutmeg, and ginger.¬†I had found my “love scent” …….Penhaligon’s¬†of London – “Malabah!”¬†¬†It was so divine! It instantly became my new favorite scent. Which is saying a lot, since I’ve been rocking the same perfume (Quelques Fleurs) for the past 10 years. No judgement, Quelques Fluers has been good to me. I’m anticipating Penhaligon’s London –¬†Malabah¬†to be even better! It really is the scent of the century. At least for me.

I strongly encourage you to stop by the Penhaligon’s of London perfume counter at Saks Fifth Avenue. Your nose will thank you!

*Special Thank you to Brian Kurtz – Sales & Marketing Director, North America for gifting me with the lovely Ladies Miniture Fragance Collection, Ellenisia Candle, and the Travel Atomiser. I will cherish them all!*








30 “DIY” Holiday Gifts in 60 seconds

20 Dec

Let’s take a 60 second walk down “DIY” memory lane. Shall we? It’s been fun my darlings, but I’m officially on a DIY sabbatical until January 11th. For those of you that were unaware of this glorious challenge, let me enlighten you. For the past 30 days I have created a different and lovely gift idea for the holidays. Each gift cost between $10 – $20 to make and you don’t need to be Martha Stewart create them.¬†Please check out my¬†YouTube channel¬†for the complete tutorials on how to make any one of these 30 “DIY” holiday gifts. : )¬†It’s been super fun making them! I look forward to sharing more DIY projects with you all in the New Year. xoxo ūüôā


DIY: Men’s Gift Wrapping – Wine & Cuff Links (Day 30)

19 Dec


DIY Christmas Gifts: How to make Tassel Earrings in 2.5 min (Day 29)

18 Dec


tassel earrings

DIY Christmas Gifts: Decorative Pillow (Day 28)

18 Dec

love pillow

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