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Black Friday Ads: Target, Best Buy, Walmart, & Kmart

13 Nov

Let the madness begin! Here’s a sneak peek at the store ads for “Black Friday.” We as Americans love a deal! We’ll actually push, shove, kick, spray mace in the face of an unsuspecting shopper just to snag that 50″ LCD flat screen TV – all while smiling and wishing the checkout clerk a Merry Christmas! Its pretty demented behavior if you think about. Black Friday is a long running tradition in the States, which increases the stores bottom line and in turn boosts our economy. Walmart is only guarantee 1 hour for their special price items to be in stock. So get there early! And by early I mean skip Thanksgiving dinner and spend the night in front of your store of choice.

Please be safe and kind to one another. Scoring that 50″ LCD TV for $288 will do you no good if you’re behind bars for misbehaving. Keep calm and shop on!


Best Buy



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