Fall’s Must See Films (My Picks for Oscar Contenders)

4 Oct

Oh wee! It’s going to one good film season for Fall! I’m already lining up the movies I want to see before the end of the year. Here are my picks for the films that I think have an excellent shot at an Oscar!

I’m not a film critic, so these picks are based solely off my love for film and nothing less. I generally pick a great film based off of great writing. If the writing of the film is awful then I really don’t care who is starring in it. I’m not interested. The seven films I’ve selected below have brilliant writers along with phenomenal actors. What more could you ask for?! I will be posting reviews on the films I listed below.

Which film are you most excited about seeing?

WON’T BACK DOWN (in Theaters Now)

 THE MASTER (in Theaters Now)

THE PAPERBOY (in Theaters October 5th)

CLOUD ATLAS (in Theaters October 26th)

LINCOLN (in Theaters November 9th)

ANNA KARENINA (in Theaters November 16th)

DJANGO UNCHAINED (in Theaters Christmas Day)

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