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CHANEL Metiers d’Art Pre-Fall 2012 Handbag Collection

14 Sep

Wow! What the what! What bejeweled genius created these gorgeous handbags? Karl Lagerfeld is the “King” of opulence! He has such a fantastic eye for all things glamour. I wonder how long it took to craft each handbag. The intricate details of the beading are so precise. I bet the farm (that’s if I had a farm) it took ages to make these decorative clutches. I guarantee these bags will set you back some serious dollar, dollar, bills…..ya!


3 Things for Him

13 Sep

FASHION: The TOPMAN collection launched at Nordstrom on Monday. This shawl collar cardigan is my pick for the fell-loves! It’s multi-color print is the perfect knitwear to sport this fall. I know some of you Menz might be a little shy when it comes to color but I promise your lady will welcome the change. Plus, if your lady gets cold you can offer her your beautiful cozy cardy. What a gentlemen!

FOOD: Alright…Alright…Alriiiight, you gonna learn today (said in my Kevin Hart voice) about chicken n’ waffles. Okay boys, these aren’t your standard run of the mill chicken n waffles. Nope! This here cornmeal waffle is light and fluffy like a pastry cloud. It’s served with brown sugar honey butter and buttermilk fried chicken. It’s the most delicious waffle that will EVER touch your lips. For those of you NorCal fell-loves, make sure to bring your next brunch date to Brown Sugar Kitchen in Oakland. Your date will think you’re some kind of food genius! 

TECH:  Try the Adidas miCoach Speed Cell and Heart Rate Monitor. It tracks your performance by the second. You can connect the device to your iPhone. How rad is that! The miCoach will set you back $70 for the device and another $70 for Speed Cell. Check it out at

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Marc Jacobs S/S 2013: Release of the MOD Girl

12 Sep

Marc Jacobs! Marc Jacobs! Marc Jacobs! I love his spring/summer 2013 collection. The MOD girl has been released. As the models began to grace the runway, I thought “oh no I don’t like this.” It took only 3 more models to sashay down the runway before I became starry-eyed while watching the show. What is it about Marc Jacobs and his insanely talented designs that continues to captivate me every season. I’ve been a MJ fan for the past 15 years. I just can’t stop loving his amazing creations! The brilliant play of prints against patterns is genius. Marc’s classic black,white, and red color palate is so refreshing for spring. I want to fast forward to next May just so I can rock one of these lovely pieces. I realize this collection will take some hits, especially for the crop tops and low waisted skirts….revealing one’s pelvic. If you’re not into baring your midriff, then by all means pair the skirt with a lovely floral blouse. I’m all for taking the looks from the runway and putting your own spin on it. Fashion is universal but style is individual. Never shy away from rocking what you love.

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Jason Wu S/S 2013 Backstage

11 Sep

Hey Wu! What a collection! I’m in love with the classic black and white color palette. It’s the perfect color combo to transition from fall to spring. Black and white seem to be the color of choice for s/s 2013 as Marc Jacobs collections had a similar theme. More on his collection later this week.

Jason Wu is known for his lady-like affair with his a-line skirts and dresses. This season he stepped up the lady-like vibe and hit it with a menswear touch. Check out the white and black suspenders attached to the gowns. LOVE! Menswear influences are VERY hot for fall! I’m so excited to see this trend carry over to next spring. I also adore all the lace fabric in navy blue and pink, how Downton Abbey of him. Check out Wu’s glorious collection below!

p.s. I just watched Marc Jacobs S/S 2013 live stream. I watched his show on my laptop while chowing down on KFC (no judgement) for my din din. I haven’t eaten KFC in over 2 years. I’m not big on fast food and stayed away from KFC after witnessing a gang of rats hanging out in a KFC in NYC a couple of years ago….true story.

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Bejeweled My Heart (H&M Trend Necklace)

8 Sep

I’ve been stalking H&M for the past 30 days. My objection of affection? This insanely gorgeous statement necklace.  The process to locate this brilliant piece of neck candy was very frustrating. Several H&M sales associates pleaded the 5th or denied its whereabouts. The conversation would go as follows….

Me: “Hi, have you seen this necklace? I would like to buy it!”

H&M Sales Associate: “Nope, haven’t seen it. Try back in a couple of weeks” and “Maybe that’s an old ad” and “I would buy it if we had it”

I was getting the feeling that there was some kind of “fashion conspiracy” going on. Someone or something was preventing me from buying the lovely faux gem necklace. Luckily for H&M I don’t give up so easily. I stayed the course and yesterday my persistence paid off. I called H&M in San Francisco and a wonderful H&M sale associate tracked down the last one in their store. She put it on hold and today I was united with my “love necklace.” It will be making an appearance at my good friend’s (Stephanie) wedding this month. Holla!

p.s. Kiki’s Kitchen will resume next Saturday…..

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“NOT” by Jenny Lai Spring/Summer 2013

7 Sep
This entire collection is crazy amazing! I want to go swimming in the pool of vibrant colors. The “print trend” is runaway train with full steam ahead traction. By the looks of what’s showing this week at New York Fashion week, I see no plans for derailment. There’s something about bright, bold, prints that just perks you up!  Designer Jenny Lai‘s collection is brilliantly done, evoking psychedelic colors from the 60’s with modern silhouettes. The styling of the collection is perfection! Each ensemble was paired with round shape colorful sunglasses and creeper-inspired shoes. Hats off to her for creating a collection that’s on trend while maintaining her individual style as a Designer. Feast your eyes on these gorgeous photos below!
pictures courtesy of

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The Printed Pants Collection from H&M

6 Sep

Printed pants are a HUGE trend for Fall! We saw this same trend explode this past Summer, thankfully its carrying over to fall. For those of you who already own a pair… kudos! If you don’t own a pair, why not take the risk? Prints are a fantastic way to step up your fashion game without over accessorizing. All you need for this fierce look is a white tee and a leather jacket, the prints will do the rest! BAM!

Tip of the day:  In honor of Fashion’s Night Out H&M is offering 30% off one item today ONLY! Get it!

Fashion’s Night Out (Sept. 6th 2012)

5 Sep

Hello Darlings! I hope you all are having a great week thus far. Let me perk up your week a bit more with some fantastic fashion news! Tomorrow is Fashion’s Night Out, a global shopping extravaganza! Fashion’s Night Out began 4 years ago to celebrate fashion, while restoring consumer confidence, and boosting the industry’s economy during the recession. It’s basically like a big ol’ fashion party! Most of the major retailers will be participating, Saks (my favorite), Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, and many, many, more. They will be offering special discounts in honor of the event. Oh, and there’s free champagne and snackies (yes I wrote snackies).  Make sure to check out the festivities in your area. This a global event so, there’s sure to be a party happening somewhere near you. Don’t forget the FREE champagne!!!

Graphic Sweater Love

4 Sep

Graphic Sweaters or Jumpers (as our friends across the Pond call them) are all the rage for fall.  I’m actually really pumped about this trend because I LOVE a great comfy sweater. Throw a catchy phrase or picture on the sweater and I’m hooked!  These rad sweaters come in high-end designer versions or just your run of the mill graphic sweater from Target. For starters, I’m going to scour my local thrift store before hitting up the high-end boutiques. I’m pretty sure there are some 1980’s (rare gems) Def Leppard sweatshirts, just waiting to be snapped up by moi!  Laters….

Givenchy Sweatshirt | | 3.1 Phillip Lim KA-POW Sweater | Markus Lupfer Eyes Sweater | Markus Lupfer Wow Sweater | Mr. Gugu & Miss Go Kaboom Sweater | Markus Lupfer Eyes Sweater

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