Hats of Horror: Royal Ascot fashion 2012

31 Aug

Oh No! I didn’t get the memo regarding “millinery monstrosity day”.  These hats are hideous!  I hope they were worn in fun because that’s all I want to do when I see them is “make fun.” I’m so perplexed as to why these women are smiling, looking so pleased with their hat of choice. My face would NOT be adorned with a smile if I was rocking one of these. I can laugh with the best of them but this is just……what the heck? One should never wear a plastic breakfast plate or a teapot on one’s head. No! Nope! Never!

I’m thankful for one thing, the good ol’ laugh I got from viewing these pictures. Oh fashion – you make me laugh and cry all at the same time. How do you do it?

Which hat do you find appalling? Or maybe you fancy some of them…I won’t judge. lol

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