DIY: Studded iPhone Case (Marc Jacobs)

3 Aug

My Marc Jacobs iPhone case needed a little TLC so, I gave it a mini makeover by adding a few gold studs. You can get real creative and create any design your little heart fancies. It’s a simple and fun DIY that takes a total of 20min to complete. Love me some “studs” – the metal kind and the men! Holla


iPhone Case (Used or Brand New)

Studs (Sold on Amazon)

Super Glue

STEP One: Start with a plain iPhone case (rubber or silicon cases work best) and lay the studs out into the design you want.

STEP Two: Once you’ve decided on the design you like begin hitting the iPhone with a spot of glue. Place your studs on top of the glue and press down for 3 to 5 seconds. Take your time, its key that all the studs are lined up in a neat and orderly fashion….like mini soldiers. Continue adding the rest of the studs until your design is complete.

STEP Three: Let the studs dry for 20 min.

FIN! You’ve just made yourself a rad new iPhone case in less than 5min. Now that’s productive of you!

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One Response to “DIY: Studded iPhone Case (Marc Jacobs)”

  1. Cia. August 3, 2012 at 8:18 am #

    Epoxy glue will hold on better than super glue… But cute case though? 🙂

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