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Kiki’s Kitchen: The World’s BEST Guacamole

21 Jul

Did you know it only take 5 ingredients to make the World’s Best Guacamole? No.You didn’t know that. Well me neither. I learned how to make an amazing guacamole while observing a waiter at a local restaurant in San Francisco. I watched has he sliced open a fresh avocado, chopped up fresh garlic, added fresh diced tomatoes, fresh cilantro, and squeezed the juice from a fresh lime right into a bowl. Notice the key word is “fresh”. I couldn’t believe how delicious it was! The only seasoning was salt and pepper. I make this yummy guacamole every time I have a dinner party. My guest always rave about it! It’s a simple recipe. Anyone can make the World’s best guacamole. All you need is FRESH ingredients. Let’s get into it!

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TFC Review: The Dark Knight Rises

21 Jul

My heart goes out to beautiful lives that were lost yesterday in Aurora, Colorado to a senseless act of violence. I can’t imagine what it was like or what their families are going through at this very moment. They are all in my thoughts and prayers!

The Dark Knight Rises is the 3rd and final installment in Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy. The storytelling is impeccable and the action is packed! Christopher Nolan has to be my favorite Director next to Joe Wright and Spike Lee.  Nolan’s version of the comic book Superhero is by far the BEST out of the entire Batman franchise. I actually cried at the end of the movie. I know. I know, who cries at a Superhero movie. Apparently me, I’m a bit of a strange bird. Nolan’s ability to tell a story with so many layers, which causes you to attach yourself to the characters is genius. He’s a master at challenging his audience. Just watch Inception if you don’t believe me. There hasn’t been a movie Christopher Nolan has made that I haven’t loved.

Undoubtably my favorite character was BANE, played by the talented Tom Hardy. BANE is like the honey badge – he just takes what he wants. And what he wants is complete destruction of Gotham City. BANE’s voice is still ringing in my ears. From the moment he enters on the screen you know this Dude means business. He’s forceful but calm. Smart but aggressive. Evil and restrained. Don’t judge BANE too harshly, you’ll discover later in the movie that he’s not all heartless. Catwoman was a brilliant addition to the final installment of the Batman trilogy. I often wonder where the strong women characters are in these Superhero movies. It was great to see Catowman’s role reprised. Although none can compare to Eartha Kitt. I must say Anna Hathaway who played Catwoman….was definitely able to hold her own. Her timing for witty remarks was perfection. Christian Bale does it again with his Bruce Wayne to Batman transformation. I actually forgot they were played by the same person in this film. Many times I watch these Superhero films and I think to myself, “Oh ok I’ll play along, I’ll pretend that the only thing that separates Clark Kent from Superman are his glasses.” I’m no fool I know what happens when Clark enters into the phone booth.”  At least Batman’s transformation is a bit more believable with the mask disguising who he really is. The ominous music composed by the insanely talented Hans Zimmerman acts almost like an additional character. Lending itself to increase the intensity of the fight scenes. I did flinch a couple of times when BANE and BATMAN were going at it. I’m pretty sure it annoyed the guy sitting next to me. This movie is quite long running at a staggering 2 hours and 45min. However, I didn’t really notice the length unlike Avatar. After 90min into Avatar I was thinking, “ok James Cameron I get it…’re really trying to top Titanic but I’m going to need to wrap this movie up. No more blue people!

The Dark Knight Rises is an amazing film and brilliantly done! It will cause a bit of sadness knowing that this will be the last Batman film Christopher Nolan will ever touch. The Batman franchise will NOT be topped by any other Director. Mr. Nolan is KING when it comes to Superhero movies!

Best Line in the movie: “You should use your birth name more often – Robin!” (unknown)

Best Line in the movie: “Follow Him” (BANE)

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