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Sneak Peek: Downton Abbey Season 3 w/ Shirley MacLaine (Video)

12 Jul

Yes! I can’t wait! Here’s a first look at the brilliant Shirley MacLaine meeting the epic Maggie Smith for the first time on Downton Abbey Season 3. The dialogue between these two powerhouse is going to be fierce. The only downside is our UK friends will be able to witness the super-size talent well before (us) American viewers. Downton Abbey Season 3, will air in September 2012  in the UK and January 2013 in the States. I refuse to be a second-rate viewer! I’m in the midst of concocting a plan to view the premiere of the show the same time as our friends across the pond. Let’s see how can I relocate to London by September? Hmmm……


(If you’re a true Downton Abbey fan, you won’t mind the rough quality of the video. haha)

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