3 Things For Him

11 Jul

Introducing “3 thing for him” on my blog every Wednesday. I’ve put together a list of three things for him for no particular reason. Just a simple list of 3 things I think my darling fell-loves would enjoy!

IPhone Cases: How RAD are these iPhone cases?! I discovered these little tech wonders on Redbubble. Redbubble is an exceptionally cool website that sells the most unusual iPhone cases and t-shirts. One of the draws to the website is the support of local artist. Artists can submit their artwork, design an iphone case, and sell it online via Redbubble. Now, that’s pretty exceptional of you to support a local art!

Food: Breakfast it is the most important meal of the day!  These delicious breakfast nachos are sure to make your tummy smile. Plus there’s loads of veggies on them to give your work day that extra energy.

Activity: If it’s Batman you want, then you’re in luck! The last installment in the Batman trilogy will be released Friday, July 20th. The tickets are already selling out. One tip to the single fell-loves, please DO NOT dress up like batman at the movies theater. I understand your love for the superhero. However, most women would find it a bit creepy if you step to her wearing a cape and mask. Just thought I’d save you the embarrassment in case you were thinking about it.

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