Courting CÉLINE

2 Jul

Shoot! I’m late again, this always happens. Next time I’ll leave earlier. It’s a beautiful summer day and I’m hustling to a local department store for my weekly visit. This is a VERY important visit. It cannot be missed! After fighting my way through the heavy filled tourists streets. I arrive at Saks Fifth Avenue, I’m foucused and no one can distract me. I press my way through the gauntlet of perfume stations. I reach my intended destination, swing around to the designer handbag section, Angels begin to sound off and I spot her! My love, my calm, my happy the CÉLINE Luggage Mini Tote – Coquelicot.

I let out a little gasp….”is it you?” Even though I’ve never witnessed her beauty in-person, we need no introductions. I’ve anticipated this meeting for months. To actually lay eyes on her is intoxicating. I think I might pass out from sheer joy! I slowly approach her as not to scare her off. I whisper to her “ your flawless, just flawless”! Her lipstick red color, strong structured leather body, and the sweet little gold feet. Our connection is instant and electrifying. She knows I’m the one! We’re perfect for each other!  Her the perfect bag, me the perfect fashion lover. I pick her up and set her on top of the display case so that all can appreciate her beauty. I pull out my camera and snap a few pictures of her. She’s not shy, she’s use to the attention and I need a photo to remind me of her splendor. I circle her like a lioness circling its prey. Contemplating how many works hours it will take for me to own her! I explain to her that it may take me a few more months, but I will make her mine.  We’ll be brilliant together, the pair of us. I’ve lost track of time and the store closing. I can’t believe I’ve spent hours admiring her.  It’s time to say good-bye but I don’t want to leave herDeparting from her is excruciating. I would cry if it wasn’t for the hope of seeing her again. I set her back on the shelf and pry my fingers one-by-one from her perfectly rolled leather handles. I lean into her real close and say, “I am yours and you are mine…until next time my love”!

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