Short Shorts & Napa Valley

9 Jun


It’s a rare occasion that I will rock a pair of short shorts. I’ve never been a huge fan of shorts because I have so many “war wounds” on my legs.  When I was younger I spent most of my childhood playing outside with my siblings. Our playtime generally consisted of the 3 of us horsing around in our wooded backyard, needless to say it was a challenge to keep my legs from being scratched up. These denim shorts I’m rocking were a last minute DIY. I took a pair of gently worn jeans and cut the legs off on an impulse. I tried them on and loved them! They are a bit short but they’re super comfortable and I love the studded detailing on the side. This was the perfect outfit to wear while hanging out in Napa Valley for the day! It looks like my fear of short shorts might be coming to an end. Holla!










Beringer Winery


Beringer Winery



Beringer Winery


Sparky the Pomeranian ready for his ride!


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