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Tour the Real “Downton Abbey”

17 Apr


You all know my obsession with the PBS Masterpiece Theater show Downton Abbey! Highclere Castle is the proper name of Downton Abbey. The residence belongs to the Earl and Countess of Carnarvon! There are over 60 bedrooms in the castle and over a 100 years ago almost 60 members of staff lived and worked around the castle. I am going to plan a trip to Englad stat just so I can visit this incredible home!



Ebay & CFDA join Forces: “You Can’t Fake Fashion” Handbags

16 Apr


In their efforts to stop counterfeits from being sold online. The CFDA and eBay partnered once again to create the limited edition "You Can't Fake Fashion" handbags. These one of  kind bags are EPIC. I love that you can spot each Designers DNA in the design of the bag. The only down side is the price. They're not cheap but hey, what in fashion is ever cheap. These bags are sold exlusively on eBay. Check them out!  I'm currently bidding on the Blake Mycoskie bag. I hope I win it!

designed by: BCBG




designed by: Botkier



designed by: Vena Cava




designed by: Alexis Bittar



designed by: DVF



designed by: Blake MyCoskie



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Treats & Eats: Napa Valley

14 Apr

I am featuring Napa Valley on Treats & Eats this week. A little shopping treats and a bit of eating is always key when spending the day in Napa Valley. Oh, then there’s the few winerys you can check out, which I will leave for another post. Right now I want to focus on where my heart is when I head down to gorgeous Napa Valley!


SHOPPING: Footcandy in St. Helena. This is one of my favorite shops in Napa Valley. They have a pretty grand selection of high end Designer shoes. I usually head to the back of the store because that’s where they keep all their sale items. Last year I snagged a Tibi dress, marked down from $400 to $50. Not bad eh?!


SHOPPING: Alice Consignment in St. Helena. Love this little consignment shop! They have the most brilliant collection of 1940’s silk robes I have ever seen.



BREAKFAST: Bouchon Bakery in Yountville. The most amazing bacon and cheddar biscuits that have ever touched my lips. Be prepared to wait in a long line. There’s a lot of biscuit eaters in Yountville/Napa Valley.


LUNCH: Buster’s BBQ in Calistoga. I love me some BBQ. I can tell Buster is from the South by his tasty original spicy BBQ sauce. I stumbled upon Buster’s 3 years ago on my way to Calistoga. It’s  the BEST BBQ this side of the Mississippi!


AFTERNOON SNACK : The Model Bakery in St. Helena . Their Oatmeal raisin cookies are insane! I usually pick up 3 cookies since I devour one before leaving the bakery and the other 2 are for my drive back home.

Model bakery

DINNER: Ad Hoc in Yountville. Oh Thomas Keller can do no wrong. His budget friendly restaurant Ad Hoc is a superb addition to the eatery scene in Yountville. Fixed menus and fixed price. The food is so amazing I want to spend the night there and wake up in the morning for bruch.  This is a plae you MUST dine at if you’re in the area.




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Friday Inspiration: Caine’s Arcade

13 Apr


I'm a lover of short films and this one is pretty EPIC! Caine a 9 year old little boy from East L.A. builds an Arcade entirely out of cardboard boxes. One of the greatest investment we can make in our future is to encourage and support the children around us to dream BIG! This little guy is my "Friday Inspiration!" Check out this short film below.



Downton Abbey Season 3 *Spoiler*

13 Apr

Oh we Americans must wait until January 2013 to see Season 3 of DTA. While our friends the Brits will get to see the premier  this coming September. Lucky for my beloved Readers I have a few spoilers regarding Season 3. If you wish to stay in the dark about sesason 3, stop reading NOW!!!

 Here’s the business…………Season 3 is sure to be EPIC! The brilliant Shirley MacLaine will be joing the cast as Lady Grantham’s Mother. Maggie Smith and Shirley MacLaine on the same show. It’s like Christmas morning! DTA Producer – Rebecca Eaton promises a wedding between Matthew and Lady Mary! Also, a “key” Character will be killed off on Season 3. What do they mean by “key” Character? I hope it’s not Mr. Bates. If they kill off Mr. Bates I will boycott PBS. That’s a promise!

All I can say is I’m going to officially be on locked down once this amazing season premieres! Counting down the months……





Shirley MacLaine – Lady Grantham’s Mother


Jeremy Scott Adidas Originals Fall 2012

12 Apr

Jeremy Scott is a creative genius when it comes to his collaboration with his Adidas Originals! I can’t stop laughing at these sneakers below. I’m not laughing at the full on multi-color Teddy Bear attached to the sneaker. No, my laughter comes from the fact that every little ankle biter dog is going to be attacking the feet of any Fashionista or Mansetter that rocks these. Oh to be a witness of one of those attacks and capture it for Youtube. LOL!








H&M CONSCIOUS Collection: Hits Stores Tomorrow (April 12th)

11 Apr


Oh H&M why do you taunt me so?! H&M will be releasing their “green” collection tomorrow. These lovely garments are made from sustainable materials such as organic cotton, hemp, and recycled polyester. Hey, H&M how about being  more “conscious” of the release date? Why do you continue to release these coveted collections in the middle of the week. I need that flower frock ASAP!!! My future Snookums is depending on it. 















Haters Gonna Hate

10 Apr


Sometimes you just gotta jump on a bike and ride through life smiling! Don’t worry about the people that talk behind your back, make fun of you, or don’t support you. It’s about being positive and staying focused on where God is trying to take you. Refuse to allow anyone to steal your joy for life. Things WILL and DO get better! Don’t let no one take away yo’ shine! Shine on my darlings! Shine on!



Pop of Print

9 Apr


I’m attracted to African-inspired prints like a groupie to a professional ball player. I love them, ethnic-inspired prints that is. This Marni for H&M bag is epic! The size is amazing and surprisingly I’ve found many things in my closet to go with it. If you’re not ready to adorn yourself with full on ethnic-inspired prints. Try popping your outfit with a printed handbag or printed platforms. It’s a great way to start the beginning of the week. Happy Monday Darlings!









Check Out This Blogger: Smitten Kitchen

7 Apr


I love reading blogs. Occasionally, I even enjoy writing my own blog…just kidding.  I LOVE writing my own blog for the 25 faithful people that read my blog. To them I say smooches!

Let’s focus on a hugely popular food blog called Smitten Kitchen. It’s a must read I dare say. The pictures are so yummy, I would lick my screen, if it wasn’t deemed inappropriate. I’m going to make this Chocolate Pudding Pie stat!

Hmm….maybe I should start a food blog and I can increase my readership to 35 faithful readers. Just sayin’





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