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TFC Film Review: Cabin in the Woods

27 Apr


This movie should have been called "Confused in the Woods", "Crazy in the Woods", or "Weird in the Woods" its probably the strangest movie I've seen to date. "Cabin in the Woods" is not your run of the mill horror film. No, this "horror" film is filled with crazy scientists, zombies, force fields, strange people in white coats betting on which character would die first, and funny lines that weren't all that funny.  Initially when the film began I thought:

"Oh, this is like the horror film Jason"

"No, it's more like Scream"

 "Wait a second, its like the movie The hills have eyes"

"I'm being silly, this movie is like Star Trek"

I finally gave up and just said, "what the heck am I watching".  There were people getting freaky, zombies attacking them, scientists cheering on the attacks, and strange smoke changing the characters minds. This movie was pure madness. I don't wish to participate in a scavenger hunt when trying to discover the plot of a movie. The plot should be laid out clear and concise. I don't even think Columbo could have figured out this insane storyline. My opinion wait for the DVD.

I knew I should have seen "Think like a Man". Until next Friday folks. 

Oh here's a bit of back story. There were a total of 12 people in the Theater for a 8:00pm showing. Four of those people walked out before the movie was over, including myself.  

p.s. I want to make a public apology for dragging my beautiful friend Julia to this crazy movie. Julia I owe you another movie!


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