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FABB Lucky West Coast Conference

30 Apr


Hey Darlings! I’m beyond exhausted from volunteering and driving back from LA.  I had the most amazing time in LA at the FABB Lucky Conference. Here’s a sneak peek at tomorrow post. I will be featuring more pictures from the conference as well as the INSANE swag bag I received! Can’t wait to share!

BIG Shout out to my girl Julia for going with me!!! It’s always great to have a “ride or die” chick by your side. Awesome friends are hard to come by and Julia is a keeper! xoxo 


Myself & Brittany from Lipstick & Leopard Print




Zac Posen w/ Lucky Magazine Editors


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Mind-blowing: Painting or Photo?

28 Apr

You tell me? Are these photos or paintings? These brilliant works of art were created by Pedro Campos. I can’t stop starring at them, they are so captivating! I think I might be in love with his talent!








TFC Film Review: Cabin in the Woods

27 Apr


This movie should have been called "Confused in the Woods", "Crazy in the Woods", or "Weird in the Woods" its probably the strangest movie I've seen to date. "Cabin in the Woods" is not your run of the mill horror film. No, this "horror" film is filled with crazy scientists, zombies, force fields, strange people in white coats betting on which character would die first, and funny lines that weren't all that funny.  Initially when the film began I thought:

"Oh, this is like the horror film Jason"

"No, it's more like Scream"

 "Wait a second, its like the movie The hills have eyes"

"I'm being silly, this movie is like Star Trek"

I finally gave up and just said, "what the heck am I watching".  There were people getting freaky, zombies attacking them, scientists cheering on the attacks, and strange smoke changing the characters minds. This movie was pure madness. I don't wish to participate in a scavenger hunt when trying to discover the plot of a movie. The plot should be laid out clear and concise. I don't even think Columbo could have figured out this insane storyline. My opinion wait for the DVD.

I knew I should have seen "Think like a Man". Until next Friday folks. 

Oh here's a bit of back story. There were a total of 12 people in the Theater for a 8:00pm showing. Four of those people walked out before the movie was over, including myself.  

p.s. I want to make a public apology for dragging my beautiful friend Julia to this crazy movie. Julia I owe you another movie!


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TFC Film Review: Crazy, Stupid, Love

26 Apr

Favorite Movie Quote: “You like my day and in a few years I’ll look like him, I’ll come for you then”

Who knows where and when you’ll find love. We all seem to be in search of the elusive “one”, including myself. This movie was really the epitome of Love and just how crazy and stupid it can make you feel and act sometimes. I so enjoyed this moive! It was one of those films where it makes you stop and think about your choices in life. The movie was stacked with amazing talent Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, and Julianne Moore! Steve Carell and Ryan Gosling did bring the funny and their dynamic together is magical on screen. However the stand-out role goes to Robbie Weaver played by Jonah Bobo. I imagine that this is just how a 13 year old boy would act if he was in love….relentless! What happened to that type of pursuit? You know the kind I’m talking about. When you knew you found the person you couldn’t live another moment without. Where you slept very little because most of your time was spent trying to come up with different ways to obtain the prize…..the affection of your soul mate! Hmm, I wonder if our society will ever pursue love in that pure way again?! I also enjoyed the chemistry between Julianne’s Moore charcter and Steve Carell’s character. One of my favorite scenes is where Julianne’s character makes up an excuse to call her husband (who’s she’s separated from) to speak with him about repairs around the house. Been there done that! We’ve all called up someone we’ve missed and loved just to ask them something silly because our heart aches to hear their voice. This huge emotion called love really does make you act crazy and stupid sometimes, but then how else would we cease to exist on this earth without LOVE!

If you’re in the mood to laugh and cry then this film is perfect!

P.S. I think I might want to marry Ryan Gosling!

The score in this movie is so lovely I had to purchase the soundtrack. Favorite song Blood by The Middle East.


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Shoe Game: Prada Spring/Summer 2012

25 Apr


Um, excuse me! Why aren’t these amazing stilettos in my closet yet?! I’m loving PRADA’s sling backs for Spring/Summer.  The shoe collection was inspired by 1950’s vintage American cars.  One pair of these “hot rod” shoes will permanently step up your shoe game! Beep…Beep!









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Gone Sailing: MAC Makeup Summer 2012 Collection

24 Apr

Hello MAC Lovers! Check out this sweet nautical-inspired cosmetic collection by MAC.  Can we say LOVE! I will definitely be snagging a lipstick or two when the “Hey Sailor” MAC collections drops in stores May 24th!








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DIY : The Caviar Manicure

23 Apr


Check Out This Blogger: Dapper Lou

21 Apr


Dapper Lou is a total "Mansetter"! He's classic, original, and a smart dresser. All the things I adore in a Men's blog. His style is pretty much EPIC! I really want to hire him to do some consulting for my future Snookums. I haven't met "Snookums" yet. When I do meet him, I sure hope he's open to having his personal style revised. Dapper Lou is the quintessential GQ Man. He's so extremely dapper!








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Ralph Lauren Fall 2012: Downton Abbey Ready

20 Apr

I really want to slip on some lady gloves and hit the town! Ralph Lauren’s Fall 2012 Collection makes me love the 1920’s all over again. His collection is very Downton Abbey-esque and I like! For my birthday next year I’ve decided to throw myself a “Downton Abbey” birthday party. I’m going to invite some of  my closest friends. They all have to dress like a character from Downton Abbey. I’m torn between dressing like Lady Mary or The Dowager Countess. Thomas will NOT be invited of course. I don’t associate with creeps!


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Mine Suite Hotel in Sweden: The deepest Hotel in the World

18 Apr

Besides the fact that I am extremely claustrophobic, this hotel has serial killer tendencies written all over it. I’m a bit paranoid, you’ll have to excuse me for the latter part of that sentence. A dark, secluded, place suggest less romance and more danger. Unless you like a bit of danger in your romance in which case you would be…..ok let’s move on. The Sala Silvermine Hotel in Sweden lies 509ft underground. You’re taken on a tour of the suite and left alone during your stay. For $580 a night you get a lovely room, a delicious meal, and no restroom. Yep, you read that right. The nearest restroom is 165ft abover your suite. I would opt out of this adventure. No cell service, no restroom, left alone to sleep 509ft underground.  This has all the makings of another Eli Roth horror film – Hostel. There goes my paranoia again.


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