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Arm Candy: Balmain Clutch

29 Feb


Here are some dandy clutches to SWOON over! I mean c'mon! How could you not desire a BALMAIN clutch?! You know you want it! These clutches are so beautiful, I feel like they could sing me a love song. And that the song would be "Ain't no woman, like the one I got"! Fried chicken and hot sauce are the best of friends!









Fashion Week 2012 Backstage

28 Feb


Sometimes the best seat in the house is backstage! Fashion Shows are complete chaos backstage but it's also where you see the purest form of styling and creativity. I've been blessed to work several shows at Fashion Week and I must say it was a memorable experience. Here are some of my favorite photos that were taken by Kevin Tachman from! Brilliant!








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Oscars Hotness: The Best Dressed Dames

27 Feb


My list is short because well only 5 women really stood out for best dressed. If any of you watched the lack luster Oscars this year, you would know that "Hugo" and "The Artist" took home every award and I do mean everything. I felt like the Oscars were a bit blah.  The same people who always win, won again. So much for change in Hollywood. Oh well! At least I got to look at some beautiful women rocking some smashing gowns! The more sugar you put in ice tea the better it tastes. 


Viola Davis wearing Vera Wang

Viloa davis vera wang


Jessica Chastain wearing Alexander McQueen



Jennifer Lopez wearing Zuhair Murad 

Jennifer lopez


Emma Stone wearing Giambattista Valli 


Gwyneth Paltrow wearing Tom Ford


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Golden Girl: H&M $9.95 Sweater

25 Feb


I was meeting with a client this morning for personal styling and decided to pop in to H&M. Good thing I did! This beautiful gold sweater was hanging on the rack begging me to buy it. For $9.95 I was like yes and thank! I’m now anticipating eating my freshly baked cinnabon in 30min.  


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Neon Punch

24 Feb


Punch up your look a notch with a hit of neon. Neon is taking over Spring! It's not hard to incorporate the trend into your current wardrobe. Pants, skirts, blouses, bags and shoes, whatever your little fashionista heart fancies is right at your finger tips. Get into it! Coconut macaroons are my fave!

















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Trend Alert S/S 2012: Alexander Wang Backpacks

23 Feb


Backpacks, backpacks, backpacks! This was the "it" bag that graced the runway last week during fashion week. I am in love with Alexander Wang's take on the traditional backpack. If the classic golf bag and standard backpack had a child it would be this very bag! I am trying very hard to locate my future Snookums and request this bag as my future anniversary present. I hope this bag is still on trend once I meet Snookums. French fries are best eaten when HOT!











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22 Feb

Thanks right! In my efforts to dominate the blogosphere I have decided to launch my Men's blog solely on Tumblr. I went back and forth on duplicating my efforts and having The Fashion Camp also be on Tumblr but that just seemed silly and boring. I don't do double work! So coming March 30th I will be launching MANSETTER on Tumblr. My tagline: (All things MAN……A space for loving on the Fellas!) You like…you like… uh… uh? Okay ignore my self indulgent need for positive affirmation. Whether you like it or not its happening on March 30th. Say hello to a whole new world focusing on Men. Oh wait isn't that what we women do on a daily basis. I guess this is what you would call "life intimating art." Laters… 

P.S. this decision was made after having a lovely dinner with one of my favorite married couples. My friend's hubby informed me that I've been forgetting about my Menz lately. I hope he is excited to learn about my new venture. I will be sure to send him the bill for all my extra work. What's your address again Gene?



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DIY Tuesdays: How to make a Vintage Scarf Necklace

21 Feb



Downton Abbey Recap Mondays – Season 2 Finale

20 Feb


Season 2 Finale Click Here

Best line said by Lord Grantham: “I don’t want my daughter to be married to a man who threates her with ruin. I want a good man for you a brave man!”

Best line said by Mr. Bates: “One kiss to take with me”

Let’s get in to it

They’re engaged! What an Epic-tastic season finale. Yep, I just combined epic and fantastic. I think it works. Moving on! I was almost in tears when Matthew finally got on one knee to propose to Lady Mary! FINALLY! That’s right Sir Richard Carlisle get to steppin’ and don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

I love Anna amd Mr. Bates together!!! Poor Anna! Her hubby Mr. Bates is locked up for the murder of his ex-wife Mrs. Bates. I was so relieved that he wasn’t going to be executed. If the writers kill off Mr. Bates I’m going to stage a coup aganist PBS.

Sir Anthony Strallan was back on the scene again with Lady Edith pursuing him this time. She was going to get her man and didn’t matter if he was injured and 30 years her senior. Get it girl! Desperate times call for desperate measures. You deserve to be happy too!

Lady Sybil didn’t make an appearance on the Season Finale which I thought was a bit strange but homegirl did run off  and marry the Chauffeur. So I guess it’s to be expected

What is up with the hussie ladies maids? Miss Shaw was caught canoodling with Lady Rosamund’s beau Lord Hepworth. Lady Rosamund don’t sweat it, dude is broke. You’re better off!

What was Cousin Isobel trying to imply by gifting the Dowager Countess a nut cracker for her Christmas present. Back off lady, the Dowager Countess is my homegirl.

What kind of mess? Who would think to hide a dog from their owner? Thomas that’s who! That joker was up to his trick trickery ways again. He is so desperate to replace Mr. Bates as Lord Grantham’s valet, that’s he’s willing to risk harming a poor defenseless animal. Creep!

I was so happy to see Daisy reunited with her Father-in-law again. I feel like Daisy is left out a lot, so it was nice to see her story apart of Season 2 finale

By the way who knew the game Charades was pronounced Char – rades. The next time I host a dinner party I am going to announce that we are playing Charades in my best English accent.

I wonder if my future Snookums watches Downton Abbey. No worries.  If he doesn’t I will convert him. I’ve already converted my Sister.

Until Season 3 my friends…….Laters!




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Alexander Wang FALL 2012

18 Feb


I promise you if I was attending this show, I would have hid behind one of those square blocks, and took out a model for her burgundy leather jacket! The music, collection, and set were all so EPIC! Alexander Wang is quickly becoming one of my "love designers"! Why am I craving bread sticks with marinara sauce?! Laters….



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