Best Dressed “Dames” at the SAG Awards (2012)

30 Jan

Here are my favorite gowns from the SAG Awards 2012! One word Smashing!!! I will take all five of these gowns pretty please.  I'd wear the first gown: while sitting on my couch watching Downton Abbey. The jumpsuit: I would wear while putting groceries away. The third gown: I would wear when answering the door for the FedEx guy. No funny stuff. I just want someone to see my pretty dress. The fourth gown: while flipping through recipes hanging out in my kitchen. The fifth gown: I would wear to bed. I don't forsee any "Red Carpet" events in my future.  So this is the best I can do. No judgement…..


Viola Davis in Marchesa



Rose Bryne in Elie Saab

Rose Bryne


Emma Stone in Alexander McQueen



Sofia Vergara in Marchesa  2

 Emily Blunt in Oscar de la Renta   Emily

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