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Couture or Coutrash: The Shirt Collar Necklace

31 Jan


This trend is qutie fetching! I love the look! The "Shirt Collar Necklace" is the perfect way to spice up a plain crew neck sweater. What do you think? Is this trend really worth buying into? I'm working on a DIY shirt collar neckalce trimmed with pearls. Stay tuned…..




Orange collar





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Downton Abbey Season 2: Recap Mondays – Episode 4

30 Jan


Downton Abbey: Episode 4

Best Line said by the Dowager Countess: "It always happens. When you give these little people power it goes to their heads like strong drink."

Poor William has passed away and I will miss his happy face. Daisy marryied William on his death bed, she is now his widow. Ethel had her child and Major Byrant didn't want anything to do with her. Figures! What a Jerk! Matthew Crawley was injured in the war and damaged his spine. He may not walk again. Things are not looking up for the aire of Downton Abbey. Mary became quite the nurse caring for Matthew. Well, until Lavinia Swire arrived to claim her Man back from the paws of Mary. Lavinia – you better watch you're Man….girl. Mary might try to put the moves on Matthew and then you'll be out of luck. You've been warned.  There's a new maid on the block – Jane. There's something challenging in her eyes. I think we're going to have to watch this chick. The conniving Mrs. Bates is back trying to destroy the happy couple (Anna and Mr. Bates). I don't want to give anymore away so I will just say. Episode 4 is a MUST WATCH!!!





Episode Rating:  Popcorn rating Popcorn ratingPopcorn ratingPopcorn rating


Costume Rating:  Shoe ratingShoe ratingShoe ratingShoe rating


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Best Dressed “Dames” at the SAG Awards (2012)

30 Jan

Here are my favorite gowns from the SAG Awards 2012! One word Smashing!!! I will take all five of these gowns pretty please.  I'd wear the first gown: while sitting on my couch watching Downton Abbey. The jumpsuit: I would wear while putting groceries away. The third gown: I would wear when answering the door for the FedEx guy. No funny stuff. I just want someone to see my pretty dress. The fourth gown: while flipping through recipes hanging out in my kitchen. The fifth gown: I would wear to bed. I don't forsee any "Red Carpet" events in my future.  So this is the best I can do. No judgement…..


Viola Davis in Marchesa



Rose Bryne in Elie Saab

Rose Bryne


Emma Stone in Alexander McQueen



Sofia Vergara in Marchesa  2

 Emily Blunt in Oscar de la Renta   Emily

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Check Out This Blogger: “Joy the Baker”

28 Jan


So as a Blogger, I feel its only advantageous that I spotlight other Bloggers. Every Saturday I will feature a new Blogger that I'm either in love with or discovering my love for. Today it's all about "Joy the Baker"! Joy is this insanely talented baker that makes the most addicting recipes. I became a full on "baking ninja" one weekend when I was obsessed with her "Cinnamon pull-apart bread" recipe. I made 4 loaves of cinnamon bread in a 48 hour span. That's full on Ninja status! Check out this blogger……Joy the Baker!



Cinnamon Sugar Pull-Apart Bread



Chewy Molasses Chocolate Chip Cookies



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MANSETTER: Louis Vuitton Menswear Fall 2012 (Video)

27 Jan


Swoon! A Man dressed in Louis Vuitton from head-to-toe would set off my lady alarm! How I heart King Louis! When I meet my future Snookums, I'm going to force him to wear a Louis Vuitton overcoat. I don't care how much it will cost! I will convince him that its a wise investment. I'm pretty killer at convincing people to do things they're not sure of. I've convinced you all that I know a little bit about fashion and you seem to believe me. Or do you….




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Giambattista Valli Pre-Fall 2012

26 Jan


I just found the collection I'm going to marry! Yep, save the date! I'm getting married to Giambattista Valli Pre-Fall 2012 Collection. Isn't that what one does when one falls in love? And I am in LOVE!  I hope this is faux fur but if not, I don't want to know. My brain is filled with illogical thoughts, being that I'm intoxicated by love of this collection. Where? How? Who? What creative genius designed this EPIC collection! I'm in the process of boarding a plane to ask Mr. Gimabattista himself to officiate the wedding. Nobody try and stop me……

































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Alexander McQueen Pre-fall 2012

25 Jan


I just fainted!!! Where's the smelling salts? Quick! Wave a vintage Valentino skirt underneath my nose, that will revive me. There, okay I'm awake. A girl needs to be prepared to view a collection of this magnitude. LOVE! Did I say how much I love Alexander McQueen?! Alexander the Great! I love him! I realize it's Sarah Burton's gig now but Alexander McQueen's creative DNA is all over this collection! 


Alex 1



Alex 6
















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Fashion in Film: The Hunger Games

24 Jan


I'm in the middle of reading the first book in the series and loving it! The first pics of the much anticipated movie "The Hunger Games" have leaked on line. Here's just a sneak peek at some the fashion we will be seeing when the film officially opens in Theaters March 24th. Will you be going to see it?   


Hunger games

Hunger games 2



Fall 2012 Trend: Brown/Burgundy Leather

It looks like Katniss will be sporting a sweet leather jacket in the film. Good thing too! Leather is trending for Fall 2012. I can't wait to get my hands on a vintage burgundy leather jacket. It's on the list!




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Oscar Nominations 2012 : Here Are The Nominees……….

24 Jan



Oscars 1

Oscars 2


Downton Abbey Season 2: Recap Mondays – Episode 3

23 Jan

I’m in love with a Masterpiece Theater mini-series. Yes its true! I can’t get enough of Downton Abbey! The characters are superb and the costumes are insane. I so want to move to England and live in Highclere castle. Hmm….how can I make this happen?!

Downton Abbey (Season 2) Recap Mondays, yes sir its going down. I’m adding TV/film review to my fashion blog. With an emphasis on fashion of course. Duh! I love fashion and feel that it can be celebrated in many other creative outlets like film/TV. So here’s hoping my veteran readers stay with me in addition to gaining some readers. 

Let’s get in to it! 

Cousin Isobel and Lady Grantham didn’t fair well this episode. As Cousin Isobel began to step on Lady Grantham’s toes, while interfering with the managing of Downton Abbey. Cousin Isobel better recognize. What woman is going to let you come into her house and try to run it!? I don’t think so. Mr. Mosley tried to move in on Mr. Bates’s job and woman (that woman being Anna). Watch yourself Mr. Moseley. Mr. Bates has a stick, my guess is he’ll use it if you keeping trying to put the moves on his lady. Poor Sybil was in daze after Mr. Branson (the Chauffeur) persuaded her that she is in love with him. Sybil, don’t do it girl. Mr. Branson is broke and you are sitting in the lap of luxury. Then there’s Ethel (the maid) who was caught being knotty with an Officer. Mary and Edith sang a deut together. It was a lovely to see the sisters getting along. Matthew Crawley went missing but showed up right as Mary was singing. The love was written all over Mary’s face. She’s still in love with Matthew! Nosey O’Brien is up to something. Is it me or does O’Brien need a Man. A love interest would do O’Brien some good, if only to help her mind her on business. Until episode 4…..




LOVE!!!! Lady Mary’s chocker!

M abbey



Click her to watch: Episode 3




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