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Pladra Love

7 Dec


This gorgeous flannel shirt deserves to be taken out for a spin in Telluride, Vail, or Tahoe. Anywhere that warrants a pipping hot cup of cocoa will do. Preferable a luxury cabin where I can snuggle with you know who? Duh?! Snookums! Currently I am not in possession of a ridiculously large cabin in any of those locations. However I will promptly be looking into acquiring one,  just as soon as I come into an unexpected inheritance from a long lost rich uncle. Never know stranger things have happened. 

I'm not a flannel kinda girl but I am a "lover of color" and this flannel shirt is filled with it!  I adore the vibrant colors weaving through the plaid. The outdoor-themed cuff and collar lining are brilliant. Who says you can't feel pretty and girlie in a flannel shirt?!  PLADRA is an awesome Outdoor clothing brand specializing in Men and Women's premier flannel shirts. After rocking my first PLADRA shirt I just might become a "lover of flannel" after all. Like I said stranger things have happened. Check out the full selection of  PLADRA shirts online!






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