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Peyann DuPont: How to Shop at a Designer Boutique

17 Nov


Meet Peyann DuPont! She looks like me and sounds like me but she's not me. Peyann is fashion guru extraordinaire. Her advice on fashion can be a bit wild and far fetch. Check out her video blog on "how to shop at a Designer boutique".  I would NEVER give this kind of advice but then again I'm not as wise as Peyann.  



Versace for H&M – Who’s excited?

16 Nov


Three more days unil the Versace collection hits H&M stores, this Saturday at 8:00am. I am back and forth with staying out in front of H&M all night just so I can snag a piece or two. I experienced the LANVAIN mayhem last year and it wasn't pretty. I arrived at H&M at 9am in the morning – everything was G-O-N-E! Hmm…is the collection really worth a sleepless night and fighting a bunch of crazy fashionistas? Maybe not. What is worth it is my future Snookums seeing me in that amazing sparkly dress number! Hey a girl always has to be prepared.





Recap Tuesdays

15 Nov

No I'm not recapping on Project Runway Accessory. I'm actually going to recap on one of my own blog post I wrote last week. Can I do that? Sure I can its my blog, I can write whatever I want. Nah, I kid… I kid. I just wanted to make a couple of things clear regarding my "I will never be that kind of blogger that will" post. I recently came across my post on another fashion blog (thanks for the free marketing). And I realized that my post could have been perceived as bashing personal style blogs. For the the record I adore personal style blogs. I check out and  weekly. It so refreshing to see real people expressing their personal style on their own blogs. For me I am more obsessed with the many facets of fashion which include collaborations, style tips, the season's hottest color or handbag. That's really where my knowledge shines.  I prefer to keep my blog open to different topics related to fashion. Taking pictures of myself every single day, highlighting what I'm wearing is something that's just not me. I will however step up my picture taking game for the 1 or 2 days to do post pictures. Having pictures taken professionally or by someone who looks professional is probably the way to go. It gives YOU (my readers ) the best view of what I'm trying to communicate. Sometimes my iPhone just can't capture the true beauty of a hand knitted sweater I'm wearing. Happy Tuesday beautiful people, I hope you're all having a fantastic week so far!



Video Blog Coming Thursday……

14 Nov


Hey Beautiful people! I have a very special video blog starring PeAnn Dupont! She's a fashion guru extraordinaire. Well actually she's the Creative Director from the House of Dupont. She has some amazing advice to share with you all.



The $200 Target Gift Card Winner is ……

12 Nov


Congratulations to Brook Mclean!!!

Brook was selected at random as the winner of the $200 Target Gift Card. Happy Shopping Brook!

I will be announcing a very special giveaway on December 1st! You won't want to miss my upcoming giveaway. It's going to blow your socks off!! It will be my last giveaway until next October 2012. Happy Saturday!  :)

Holiday Shoes for Men: Christian Louboutin

11 Nov


I big red heart Men's shoes! Sometimes I secretly want to buy a pair and wear them, kinda of like rocking your Boo's favorite sweatshirt. There's something very comforting about it.

The first pair are my favorite! I can picture "The Hunter" sporting these babies. They're classic with a bit of edge, and the metal toe cap makes them so unexpected!



Christian Louboutin Metal Toe Cap Lace-Up





Christian Louboutin Holiday 2011 Men’s Sneakers





Christian Louboutin Rollerboy Spike ‘TartanLoub2



Christian Louboutin Alfie Flat



The Perfect Match

10 Nov


 Giveaway: $200 Target Gift Card  


Clothes can have a perfect match just like people! Most of us love being in easy, loving, and comfortable relationships. Where the person just gets you. You don't have to explain that fact that you can't stand the smell of ketchup when you're not eating it (I know its weird). For me this look is the perfect match!  I paired a sheer blouse, and a long sweater vest, over my maxi summer dress. It's simple, smart, and chic! Yes….another season to rock my favorite summer dress! Now if only I can find my "perfect" human match! 






The Affordable “Hermès” Bag: Marco Tagliaferri

9 Nov


Giveaway: $200 Target Gift Card  


Ok, so maybe the title of this post is a bit of an oxymoron. Affordable is no where near an accurate description of an Hermès bag. How about legendary, brilliant, classic, timeless, stunning, well crafted…now those are all proper words to describe a Hermès handbag. Enough of that. Let’s talk about Marco Tagliaferri, the designer who’s causing a frenzy among many fashionistas. MT has designed an 100% leather Hermès look-a-like. With its slouchy and less structured appearance this bag is beginning to pull on my “purse strings” (aka money). The price is significantly less than its couture friend. How much less? Well I am glad you asked. How about $535. Now that’s better than forking over $20,000 for a handbag.

Be not fooled though! As hot as this little gem is, only time will tell if can stand up against the iconic Hermès. My vote is to start saving up to purchase this bag and then I will persuade my future Snookums to buy me a real Hermès. That way I can compare the two. I hope Snookums is saving up his chips!










I will NEVER be the type of Fashion Blogger that will……

8 Nov


I will Never be the type of Fashion Blogger that will ………….

1. Post pictures solely of myself in different locations, looking unexpected, but being completely made up as though I am shooting the cover of Vogue magazine.

2. Brag about all the fun free Designer goodies I receive in the mail. Disguised under the pretense of "sharing" with my readers.

3. Post loads of self portraits on my blog under the category of "Readers Art". Causing major confusion for new readers to discover that my definition of "art" are illustrations of myself.

4. Wear only Designer brands and "vintage" pieces. Vintage being code for more expensive Designers that are rare. 

5. Be a size 0.

6. Ask my intelligent readers to believe that owning a 100 pairs of Christian Louboutin shoes on a student budget is completely normal and within reason.

7. Ramble on about how great my life is and how I lost my iPhone on my way to the Chanel show in Paris.

I will ALWAYS be the type of Fashion Blogger that will …………

1. Post a picture of myself once a week, probably in front of the same wall, and mostly likely doing the same pose, but wearing a different oufit.

2. Do giveaways of most of the fun free Designer goodies I receive in the mail.

3. Encourage my wonderful Readers to share their favorite works of art.

4. Wear thrift store and discounted Designer pieces that I had to fight off a gang of women for at a Sample Sale or Target Designer Collaboration.

5. Have a bit of junk in the trunk because I have a slight addiction to onion rings and mini cupcakes.

6. Persuade my lovely Readers to believe that $87.50 at Nordstrom Rack can score you a yummy pair of black patent leather Manolo Blahnik heels!

7. Be completely honest when I am tried and can't write another word as I'm writing the last word.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I hope to ALWAYS be the type of Fashion Blogger that loves blogging about 2 of my loves. People and Fashion! I hope that my blog will always inspire you to find your own sense of style. I blog because I love it and you read! One day I will implore on you all to remind me of these grandiose statements I am making. I am depending on all of you to keep me humble when I am sitting front row at Paris Fashion Week, shouting about my seat being too close to Ann Wintour. 


Video Blog Mondays: DIY T-Shirt Fringe Scarf

7 Nov


Giveaway: $200 Target Gift Card  


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