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My ASOS Obsession

30 Nov

I am very much a creature of habit! Case in point……..

Every morning I have a cup of tea, adding cream first and then the tea.

I will reheat 2 slices of leftover pizza in the oven, just so the crust will be nice and crispy.

I always say "I love you" before ending a conversation with a loved one.

I laugh at least 15 times a day. 

I put extra butter on my popcorn at the movie theater. So much extra butter that my friends are embarrassed to be seen with me, when I'm standing at the butter machine, pressing that little red button, while the fluorescent yellow liquid pours into my bag. YUM!

None of these random tidbits have anything to do with my ASOS Obsession. Other than the fact that I browse the UK based website several times a week but never pull the trigger. I put many lovely things in my shopping cart and then hit "save shopping cart". You see ASOS has a sale on their website every 2 days or so. It never fails, every time I get ready to order something – a sale has just ended or one is about to start. I've begun to save my favorite items in my shopping cart and wait for an email that their having a sale. One of these days I will actually follow through and purchase something from ASOS. I'm hoping my purchase will include one or all of these delicious items below. 





DIY: Rope Necklace & Loop T-shirt Scarf

29 Nov



DIY: Man On The Go Kit

28 Nov




26 Nov


I'm introducing a new series on my blog called "unexpected". I'm still working out all the details. Basically its a rare shopping find or one of life's many adventures that wasn't calculated or planned. Today, I am sharing with you this beautiful leather bag that was crafted in lovely Mexico. I was standing at the check out line at my local thrift store when I stopped this "unexpected treasure".  Its in mint condition and costed only $12.00 big ones. Love it!


Scottish Knitwear for MEN

25 Nov


Yummy is not the only word to perfectly describe this knitted piece of love! I can't stop swooning of over these delicious Men' sweaters by Inverallan! Each sweater is hand knitted by a sweet old woman in a small Scottish town. I am not sure if every woman is sweet who knits these wool beauties but I can definitely confirm this knitting tradition in Scotland has been in progress for over a 1000 years. The sweaters were first designed for Scottish fisherman. Who knew fisherman had such stellar taste is knitwear!


Men sweater






Happy Thanksgiving

23 Nov


Tomorrow I hope you spend the day with a full belly, full house, and a full heart of love. May you all be surrounded by your loved ones and delicious food! I will be spending most of the day (like the rest of you) cooking up a feast for my big brother and his family. If I didn't love fashion so much, food would be my next obsession. Hmmmm……maybe I should start blogging about food as well as fashion. If only there were more hours in the day. Blessings on your Thanksgiving!


Mary Katrantzou for TOPSHOP

22 Nov


Well…well…well look what we have here, another Designer collaboration! Mary Katrantzou is one of my favorite British Designers. She's a genius when it comes to print! Her designs are strong, bold, and insanely brilliant. The collection will not launch until February of next year. And with the only Topshop in the US being in NYC it looks like I will be paying the "the Big Apple" a visit. 










VERSACE for H&M: My Camp Out Experience!

21 Nov



VERSACE for H&M Video Haul

19 Nov



The Luxury MAN Coat: Burberry Fall 2011

18 Nov


Nobody does Trench Coats like Burberry! I big red heart this coat in a major way. Oh and it has future snookums written all over it. I mean who doesn't want to see a nice, fine, male specimen sporting this lovely wool wonder. If only I had an an extra $1595 lying around, I would buy this baby for you know who! Must meet snookums fast before I start buying this Man (I haven't even met yet) a whole new wardrobe. Happy Friday beautiful people!









Burberry 2



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