Fashion Halloween Fun

25 Oct


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Halloween is just around the corner and I was going to be a Tron Girl. Notice I said "was going to be". I've decided in order to be a Tron Girl I need a Tron Boy and since Halloween is less than 5 days away it looks like my hopes of finding Mr. Tron is slowly dwindling. I know I know I can get all dolled up and go by myself. However for those of us who are single, I can't imagine anything worse than strutting into a party "a la carte" (by myself) wearing a skin tight action figure costume. Someone is bound to ask the uncomfortable question "did you come with anyone or where's Tron?" Since I'm a mature adult I will have to respond with the " I'm every women, its ok I'm alone..blah..blah. When in actuality I want to say "look joker I'm here by myself, I wanted to make an appearance at your goofy adolescent Halloween party."  "Don't make me regret it"!  

Anywho, I think I will stay home and wear my UB Outfitter Tiger Sunggie! Hey at least I'll be happy and warm. That's what I keep telling myself anyway. 


Who will you be for Halloween?


(My Fantasy Costume)

 Tron Siren




(My Real Costume)

Urban Outfitters Tiger Buddy 






Black Swan




Karl Lagerfeld




Bravo Real Housewives


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