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Project Runway: Recap Mondays – episode 13

23 Oct


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And then there were 4….again! Yep, the judges kept all four Designers. Apparently you don't have to know how to actually sew to be on Project Runway.  I am NOT happy right now. I was sure Ayna was going to go home. I mean she should have went home!!! Her collection was horrid! The final gown she designed was poorly constructed and the fabric choice was just sad. It was so sad that it reminded me of the time I got stood up for a date in college. Okay maybe not that sad but you get the picture. I'm still in shock that she is actually going to show at Lincoln Center.  I just wrote up a loooooong post about my disdain for the judges decision to keep Ayna for the finale. However, I decided I would let you all watch the episode and decide for yourself. I will say this. Viktor definitely deserves to be showing at Lincoln Center. Boyfriend can design and sew a collection like the precision of skilled surgeon. Joshua and Kimberly also deserve to show at Lincoln Center and I can't wait to see what else they create!

Next week is the finale! For Real! I'm rooting for Viktor or Kimberly to take home the PR title! Check out the link below to episode 13. 


Click Here for: Episode 13


The Final 4



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