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Louis Vuitton Spring 2012: Merry-go-round!

6 Oct


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Excuse me while I wipe the tears from my eyes. This exquisite break-taking collection from Louis Vuitton is one for the ages! I can't even begin to describe the feeling I had whilst viewing these gorgeous pictures. Those close to me know how much I adore Louis Vuitton, its been my "love collection" for the past 12 years! Why oh why wasn't I not invited to this magnificent show?! I promise I would behaved! I would have only yelled "Marc Jacobs, I love you" 10 times max. The color palette is so yummy! Soft yellows, dreamy peach, and romantic blues…its all so Marie Antoinette! Until next year my sweet love – Louis Vuitton! There shall come a day when I will sit perfectly perched on a little white chair viewing my "Designer love" from the front row!  I'm now closing my eyes envisioning what I will be wearing when that day comes!












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Missoni Twin Thursday!

6 Oct


MISSONI *THROW* GIVEAWAY – Click on this link to enter:   


My Buddy Van and I decided to roll out some of our Missoni pieces this week! I must say Van looks simply smashing in her lovely black/white Missoni dress! I was so excited to rock my favorite cardigan from the Collection, I almost couldn't sleep last night!  Oh it's the little things in life that makes you happy and my Missoni for Target "loot" sure puts a smile on my face! 










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