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Real Fashion! Real People!

20 Sep


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I love seeing real women doing their thang! You don't have to be a supermodel to look smashing! Here's a a few pics I snapped of women that deserve a little shout out! I mean are they working it or are they working it?! These 3 beauties are sassy, confident, and have a great sense of style. Fashion is universal but style is individual!










Project Runway: Recap Mondays – episode 8

19 Sep


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Hey Friends! Did anyone happen to catch episode 8 of PR last week? Were you just as shock as I was at the ridiculous statements Olivier Green made? As soon as he said them I thought to myself…."Oh Olivier" (said in Tim Gunn's voice)! I guess Olivier felt completely comfortable being "Offensive Oscar" this week. His comments were so disgusting and I'm paraphrasing: "large people are fine just as long as I'm not designing clothes for them" and "women with large chests cause problems for my designs."  I mean who does this kid think he's designing clothes for the Care Bears. As women, we come in various shapes and sizes and there's nothing wrong with that! It's safe to say I am no longer a fan of  Olivier. I can not support a Designer that critiques women's bodies. Thank God for the other 8 Designers who embraced this weeks challenge of creating a special look for someone's girlfriend or wife. It was quite entertaining to see how the guys of those girlfriends/wife had no clue regarding their significant others fashion taste. It was also great to see how the Designers handled the pressure of working with individual clients. I thought that Joshua McKinley did an amazing job working with his client. The dress he designed for her was simply gorgeous! He really listened to her concerns about the garment he was creating. Viktor Luna was another fave of my this week. He continues to impress me more and more, he's such a polished Designer. My only confusion for the week was the judges love of Anya's dress. I just wasn't feeling all the trim around the dress…… it was a bit much for my taste. However  I do love that Anya continues to push the creativity in her designs each week. Bert received a strong warning from Heidi this week, but I am still sticking with my love for him. I just can't help it when I believe in someone I am in it for the long haul! Happy Monday!


Watch Episode 8


*Spoiler Alert Below*





Out: Bryce Black

 In:  Joshua McKinley


Winning Look: Joshua McKinley 


My “Open” Letter to Target

17 Sep


Dear Target:

I have been a loyal customer of yours for over 10 years. I love your store and always spend more than intended. Although there are other stores that are less expensive, I still will only shop at Target because of your impeccable customer service and great product. Target has always been loyal to their customers as their customers have been loyal to them.

When you announced your collaboration with MISSONI, I was beside myself. I immediately began blogging about my excitement for the limited edition collection. Target's insane amount of advertisement only increased my enthusiasm. I knew this collection would be HUGE…its MISSONI! I had no worries that you would run out of product, as long I was prepared to wake up early or stand in a long line.  Boy was I mistaken. I awoke at 4am to purchase my "must have" pieces online. I added all the items to my cart, pressed the checkout button only to have the site crash. I spent the next 3 hours trying everything humanly possible to pay for my online items.  At 7:15am I made the decision to abandon my online attempts and head to the store. I arrived at my local Target store 10 min to 8am. Upon entering the store I ran (literally) to the MISSONI throws. You see I knew how popular this item would be and I wanted to make sure I got one! In the end I ended up getting most of my "must haves" items but I was one of the lucky ones! Many of your other loyal customers weren't as lucky. It was almost as though they had a personal invitation to "the wedding of the of year" but weren't allowed to attend. They RSVP'd, scheduled their flight, rented a car, and booked a hotel only to discover that all their appropriate preparation went in vain. Simply because the bride and groom didn't expect everyone they invited to attend their wedding. Their explanation "we just didn't anticipate this kind of attendance".  Imagine the guest's disappointment to have made so much preparation only to be turned away – it's disheartening.

I realize that the MISSONI product is sold out and Target can not magically produce more.  Target could easily and should produce a statement of acknowledgement. Acknowledging the fact that the lack of prepartion was a major contributor to the disappointment for many of their loyal customers. 

I will remain a loyal customer of Target's because when it comes down to it, I love Target! I only wish Target would demonstrate the same level of  loyalty and consideration to their customers during this very frustrating time.

Your enthusiastic loyal customer,



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LODEN DAGER – Men’s S/S 2012

16 Sep


With all the MISSONI Madness, I've gotten a bit behind on my NY Fashion Week coverage! I love all the color that's weaved through LODEN DAGER MEN's Collection for S/S '12. Bright and vibrant colors are very attractive on a Man. Its a great way to look modern and fresh! Fellas if you are a little shy about wearing bright colors, just ease into it by incorporating a bright yellow tie or a pair of bright green sneakers into your wardrobe. No need to feel pressured to wear color from head to toe, I would hate for you to be mistaken for Rainbow Brite's Boyfriend. Happy Friday! 


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15 Sep


Hey Friends! In honor of my 1 year Anniversary for my fashion blog. I've decided to do something crazy BIG! I'm giving away the beautifully, soft, and luscious MISSONI for Target throw!  This coveted throw is sold out in stores and online, it will NOT be restocked despite the rumors!  Anyone can enter the giveway and its real simple. All you need to do is like my facebook fanpage and leave a comment on my blog. Please include your email address so that I may contact the winner. If you are already a fan of my facebook fanpage, then please just leave a comment on this post.  The winner will be selected at random. You have until Sunday, October 9th at 12midnight to enter in the giveaway. The winner will be announced via my blog Monday, October 10th!!! Good Luck and spread the word!!! 










MISSONI for Target Throw

Here's what the actual colors of the throw look like. I think my camera isn't capturing how vibrant the colors really are. Good Luck!!!


*Look of the Day*: MISSONI Sweater & Jeans

14 Sep


Hey Friends!  I couldn't resist and wore one of my MISSONI pieces today! I decided to pair this beautiful, sheer, knit, sweater with my favoirte denim brand – James Jeans! I wanted to keep my look simple as the main attraction is my lovely MISSONI sweater! Totally worth the 4 hours of sleep I was running on, in order to get to Target bright and early!  MISSONI, MISSONI, MISSONI….I will never get tried of saying it! 







MISSONI for Target: My Mini Collection!

14 Sep


Target & MISSONI completely out did themselves! This has to be the most brilliant Target collaboration to date! I found myself repeatedly saying "oh that's cute" or "aw I like this one too". I woke up at 4:30am in the morning to discover that was not working properly. Oh sure you could order everything your little MISSONI heart desired but forget about being able to pay. Once you clicked checkout, the site would crash. It was so frustrating especially when all I wanted was the MISSONI throw! I didn't care about anything else other than getting my hands on that zigzag printed blanket. Boy was that a challenge! I arrived at the Target store 8am sharp (thanks to Lesley for driving)! As soon as I stepped foot into the store, I turned to a Sales Associate, and said "which way to the MISSONI blankets"? I saw the direction he was pointing in and made a mad dash to the shelf loaded with blankets. Another woman was trailing me so I did what any normal fashion crazed person would do. I swiped the shelf clean. I panicked and brought all 3! After grabbing all the blankets, it was game on! I went crazy! I began grabbing sweaters, shoes, dishes, cosmetic cases, and hair pins. Anything with a zigzag print was chucked into my shopping cart. In the end I limited myself to – oh just a few things. I'm so thankful and excited about my purchase!!! Big shout out to my lovely friends on Facebook (Laura, Sonja, & Nicole)! I think Mark Zuckerberg would be very pleased to learn that his billion dollar social networking site played a huge role in us scoring our MISSONI gems!

Thanks to my buddy Van for helping me out in a major way! I sure am thanking a lot of people. This was definitely a team effort! 








Saks Fashion’s Night Out – The Aftermath

13 Sep

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you to all my wonderful and amazing friends/readers who came out to support me at Saks Fashion’s Night Out. It was such an honor to to be invited as one of the six Bay Area fashion bloggers to participant in the event. We sipped on champagne, noshed on mini BLT’s, and sweet popcorn. It really was an amazing night spent with old and new friends. I must confess it was a bit intimidating styling Men’s clothing but once I stepped foot into  Saks Fifth Avenue Men’s Store , I was hooked. I had the most exquisite selection of Designer clothing to choose from. Some of these pieces I have only seen in fashion magazines. I was elated to actually see and touch the clothes in person. The Men’s looks I styled turned out quite brilliant, if I don’t say so myself. Now all I have to do is find an M-A-N that will wear what I styled. 

HUGE thank you to Konrad Janus, Lauren, Saks Men’s Store Associates, and the wonderful display team who dressed the mannequins. You all are the BEST!!!




 IMG_0887 sign


 THE HIPSTER: Junya Watanabe – Knit Blazer / Alexander McQueen – Tshirt & Scarf / Rag&Bone – Jeans – Saks Fifth Avenue Men’s Store, 5th Floor


THE HUNTER: Armani Collezioni Suit – Saks Fifth Avenue Men’s Store, 3rd Floor










MISSONI Hits Target Tomorrow. Who’s excited?

12 Sep


Sleeping tonight will pose a bit of challenge as I will be staying up to order some of the first MISSONI pieces hitting Target on-line at 12midnight. I don't think I've been this excited since I was voted Cheerleading Captain in High School. Go Sentinels!!! Fashionistas across the country will be clamoring to get their hot little hands on any of these limited pieces. If you happen to spot me at your local Target, with war paint on my face, wearing a hot pink t-shirt that says "its go time"…… please do not interfere. I would hate for you to be one of the many casualties that's bound to occur,  in my efforts to secure a MISSONI sweater dress.




Project Runway: Recap Mondays – episode 7

12 Sep


This weeks challenge, work in 2 separate teams and create a collection. Working in teams + Project Runway = major mayhem! It all started with Joshua McKinley (who's no stranger to conflict) decided to pick an unmerited argument with Bert. I mean if they ever wanted to remake the 2006 iconic movie "The Devil Wears Prada", Joshua would surely play Meryl Streep's part. You all know my love for Bert so I wasn't into Joshua M. poor treatment of him. I literally was yelling at my computer "back up off Bert – Joker". I call all mean people "Joker".  Joshua did later apologize for his bad behavior. Kudos to Josh for recognizing is errant ways and making an amends with Bert. Both Collections were amazing for different reasons. However "team chaos" definitely deserved to win! Their collection was much more cohesive and translated better into the "edgy New York girl" look they were going for. My favorite piece of the collection was Viktor Luna's gown. I was as shocked as Viktor.  I couldn't believe that he actually designed and sewed that beautiful crafted gown. WOW! I really could have used that gown for FNO at Saks last Thursday. All in all I will say this was the best episode thus far.  We FINALLY got to see what these Designer are made of. Honorable Mention this week goes to Olivier Green for his yummy blazer. I would have rocked that blazer over Vicktor's gown and transcend myself into fashion's elite!


 *Spoiler Alert Below*


Watch Episode 7!




Out: Becky Ross

 In:  Anya Ayoung Chee


Winning Look: Anya Ayoung Chee


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