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One Man’s Account: Misson for Target Madness

30 Sep

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Hello Campers! I am doing something a bit different this evening. I found this hilarious blog on one Man's account of what he witnessed that frightful morning, when Target released the much anticipated Missoni Collection. I could recount the story for you but I thought it would be more fun to read it in his own words. I laughed out loud while reading this! I love hearing how Men observe us Women in our natural habitat of bargain shopping! 

What To Say….

I had planned on doing a scathing, yet funny, post on the Missoni for Target launch today but alas I need to focus on homework.   I am drowning in a sea of perspective drawing and am a bit panicked at what I have gotten myself into with this drawing class.  However, I am positive it is just jitters from having procrastinated to do the first assignment and my inability to focus on anything longer than a commercial.

However, never one to leave you hanging, here is a quick list of the three most shocking things I saw while shopping yesterday at Target:


3) Baby Strollers Are Not Battering Rams:  What appeared to be an otherwise pleasant woman used her double-wide baby stroller as a battering ram to get to a rack of Missoni sweaters which we then proceeded to grab in multiples and toss into said stroller.  Did I mention that there was a baby in the stroller during this entire ordeal?  At one point I swear I saw the child signal the international hand sign for “distress” from underneath the pile of acrylic zigzag craziness…..

2) Pants Are The New Purse:  Rather than finding a shopping cart, a very savvy woman opted to use her sweat pants as her personal shopping cart.  Yup – this lady was STUFFING sweaters INTO her CROTCH.  Surprisingly, she fit two sweaters, a make-up clutch and a scarf in there.  I was amazed, shocked, disgusted and intrigued because let’s be honest, if you can hold that much down there, that’s a talent that you are wasting by shopping at Target.

1) Tag Team Shopping Should Be An Olympic Event: Three girls in a matter of 2 minutes and 12 seconds cleared out the entire home ware selection.  It was a coordinated effort that I am positive they spent hours mapping out between episodes of Gossip Girl and Jersey Shore.  Collectively, they had SIX carts of items proceeded to announce to everyone that they would let stuff go for $5 per item.  And you know what…people were paying?  WTF?  Fortunately, they were asked to leave but honestly, it amazed me!

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