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MISSONI for Converse

24 Sep


MISSONI *THROW* GIVEAWAY – Click on this link to enter:  


When will the MISSONI craze end?! I secretly thought about not posting this collaboration being that I don't want a repeat of the Target fiasco. I am smitten…..SMITTEN I tell you, over these Converse sneakers! How can I not want to rock a pair of  "Chuck Taylor's All Stars" especially when the sneakers are doused with the iconic MISSONI zig zag print. Why did I have to see these? I am desperately trying to save all my pennies up to purchase a house with my Sissy. Oh, I have a brilliant idea! Target can call the MISSONI boutique to purchase a pair and send them to me as a good faith sign that they desire my continued customer loyalty. Hmmm…….






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