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One Man’s Account: Misson for Target Madness

30 Sep

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Hello Campers! I am doing something a bit different this evening. I found this hilarious blog on one Man's account of what he witnessed that frightful morning, when Target released the much anticipated Missoni Collection. I could recount the story for you but I thought it would be more fun to read it in his own words. I laughed out loud while reading this! I love hearing how Men observe us Women in our natural habitat of bargain shopping! 

What To Say….

I had planned on doing a scathing, yet funny, post on the Missoni for Target launch today but alas I need to focus on homework.   I am drowning in a sea of perspective drawing and am a bit panicked at what I have gotten myself into with this drawing class.  However, I am positive it is just jitters from having procrastinated to do the first assignment and my inability to focus on anything longer than a commercial.

However, never one to leave you hanging, here is a quick list of the three most shocking things I saw while shopping yesterday at Target:


3) Baby Strollers Are Not Battering Rams:  What appeared to be an otherwise pleasant woman used her double-wide baby stroller as a battering ram to get to a rack of Missoni sweaters which we then proceeded to grab in multiples and toss into said stroller.  Did I mention that there was a baby in the stroller during this entire ordeal?  At one point I swear I saw the child signal the international hand sign for “distress” from underneath the pile of acrylic zigzag craziness…..

2) Pants Are The New Purse:  Rather than finding a shopping cart, a very savvy woman opted to use her sweat pants as her personal shopping cart.  Yup – this lady was STUFFING sweaters INTO her CROTCH.  Surprisingly, she fit two sweaters, a make-up clutch and a scarf in there.  I was amazed, shocked, disgusted and intrigued because let’s be honest, if you can hold that much down there, that’s a talent that you are wasting by shopping at Target.

1) Tag Team Shopping Should Be An Olympic Event: Three girls in a matter of 2 minutes and 12 seconds cleared out the entire home ware selection.  It was a coordinated effort that I am positive they spent hours mapping out between episodes of Gossip Girl and Jersey Shore.  Collectively, they had SIX carts of items proceeded to announce to everyone that they would let stuff go for $5 per item.  And you know what…people were paying?  WTF?  Fortunately, they were asked to leave but honestly, it amazed me!

Check out Coutney's blog at

Marc Jacobs & Electric Blue Skinnies

29 Sep


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I was feeling a bit blue – electric blue! Today was one of those days were I intended to go all out with my outfit, heels and all. I simply just couldn't get motivated.  I was feeling the need to be more comfortable than sexy….go figure.  I heart my new "electric blue" skinny jeans I picked up from H&M! They're super comfortable and the fit is amazing. I've been waiting a whole year to rock my lovely Marc Jacobs short waisted blazer. It's the perfect piece transitioning into fall. Anything Marc Jacobs makes me happy! Love me some MJ!






Star Gazer: Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2011

28 Sep


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Spot a shooting star on the glamorous backs of any fashionista this fall!  Dolce Gabbana did a smashing job on creating a very stellar collection with his sweet print. I've been in love with galaxy prints since Christopher Kane launched his iconic galaxy t-shirts in Fall 2010.  This print is so chic and edgy without being overwhelming. I currently have my eyes on a printed star blazer. The only problem is I can't remember where I saw it or who designed it.  And so the hunt begins……..



















Goodwill Hunting Online

27 Sep


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My friend (Laura L.) tipped me off to this amazing site and it's brilliant! You all know I'm a sucker for shopping in second hand shops. Well it looks like my "treasurer hunter" access just got a little easier. I find this site so fascinating, being that I can actually bid on items that are sold at the Goodwill from the comforts of my own home. It's like eBay for Goodwill. I love finding high end Designer pieces for bargain prices. After pursuing this website a bit, I'll take one LANVIN Paris runway necklace please!





26 Sep

Straight from the golden pages of Vogue Russia, here’s an exclusive look at the VERSACE for H&M collaboration! This collection looks insane! I will be after the medallion choker necklace which I will creatively turn into a belt!





Project Runway: Recap Mondays – episode 9

26 Sep


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Well, I am going to jump right in and give the disclaimer of a *spoiler alert* right now. If you don't want to know who was kicked off of PR last week, please do not continue reading. I was rooting for this person to go. If I had to listen to is whinnying one more time about working with "large people" I was going to boycott watching Project Runway. Olivier Green is the 9th designer to leave the show and good ridden to him. Don't get me wrong he's a super talented designer…I mean did you see the jacket he made on episode 7, stunning! However he continually put a bad taste in my mouth after his non stop complaining of working with "large people". Again I say "who does this kid think he's designing clothes for the Care Bears".  Although the Care Bears would probably be a little too round for him. Their positive attitudes would keep them from putting Mr. Green in his place.

The challenge this week: outfitting the up and coming rock band – The Sheepdogs! I love seeing the PR Designers working with clients because it's real life in the fashion industry. I wasn't too thrilled with many of the looks but then I'm not really into literal interpretation of  70's fashion. All the Designers put their own spin on the 70's rock and roll look.  Bert brought his A game this week. Yay Bert! Viktor continues to impress and is proving to be a major competitor. Michael Kors made a "funny" about Laura's design looking a little Sweeny Todd-esque. Kimberly struggled with this week's challenge as she has never made Men's clothing before. Boy did it show. Her outfit reminded me of Fred Flintstone – not a good look. I'm not worried about Kimberly, she's an amazing experienced Designer and will have no problem mastering Menswear in the near future. Until next week Campers!


Click Here for  Episode 9







 Out: Olivier Green

 In:  Viktor Luna


Winning Look: Viktor Luna


MISSONI for Converse

24 Sep


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When will the MISSONI craze end?! I secretly thought about not posting this collaboration being that I don't want a repeat of the Target fiasco. I am smitten…..SMITTEN I tell you, over these Converse sneakers! How can I not want to rock a pair of  "Chuck Taylor's All Stars" especially when the sneakers are doused with the iconic MISSONI zig zag print. Why did I have to see these? I am desperately trying to save all my pennies up to purchase a house with my Sissy. Oh, I have a brilliant idea! Target can call the MISSONI boutique to purchase a pair and send them to me as a good faith sign that they desire my continued customer loyalty. Hmmm…….






Men’s Classic Look: How to Tie a Bow Tie

23 Sep


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The Bow Tie is making a huge comeback in Menswear! I for one am quite happy about the returning trend. I find Bow Ties simply adorable on a Man. My friend's hubby asked me if I knew how to tie a bow tie…. which I actually do. I thought other Men might want to learn as well. I found this great YouTube video which provides you with a step-by-step process for making the perfect Bow Tie. I love the 1970's disco music playing in the background. Now Fellas don't get impatient while learning how to tie your Bow Tie and accidentally strangle yourself. Take your time and with practice you will become a Pro!



Pearls & Tweed

22 Sep


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I picked up this smart tweed blazer at Forever 21 a couple of weeks ago. Do you ever have to pump yourself up to take nasty cold medicine when you're sick?! Well that's exactly what I have to do when going into Forever 21 to shop.  Upon setting my foot in the door, I am instantly overwhelmed by the number of screaming pre-teens and the huge amounts of racks of clothing.  I sometimes find myself looking in the dressing room mirror thinking "should I really be shopping in here" and then I spot a gem like this lovely tweed blazer! It's light weight, classic, and I love the rose pink lining. I really have my heart set on a vintage tweed blazer but this will satisfy my craving for now. I apologize for the fuzziness of the photos, they were snapped with my iphone.  : )





VERSACE for H&M: In Stores November 17th

21 Sep


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This collaboration might not cause the insane hysteria MISSONI for Target did. However VERSACE for H&M will surely bring out the fashion crazed women in droves. I for one am currently strategizing my plan of attack to make the colorful dress below – mine! Some of you might be thinking "who wants to wear that Punky Brewster-esque dress and leggings" –  my hand shoots straight up "ME"! I will rock the color out of that number! Punky Brewster ain't got nothing on me!  I don't know what's more disturbing, the fact that I am willing to rock that outfit or that I'm comparing my fashion taste to a 9 year old 1980's sitcom star. Hmmm……











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