Project Runway: Recap Mondays – episode 3

15 Aug


Let's get one thing straight! There is NO way on God's green earth I would have stood on that stage as a Designer being critiqued by Kimme K! I mean c'mon what the heck does she know about fashion other than what her stylist has told her to wear. I don't bash people on my blog but I think talent or lack there of speaks for itself. The Designers on Project Runway eat, breath, and live their dream. No one pays them to design they do it because they love it! The day Ms. Kim can say the same thing is the day I will respect her advice on fashion until then ….she should probably stay in her lane.

Moving on…..I loved the dramatics of the models on slits but I wasn't crazy about the winning look. I kept thinking haven't I seen that dress before aka…Valentino 2007.  Becky and Kim were my fave this week! I love witnessing two very different but brilliant Designers create something amazing. These two Divas created one stunning tailored ensemble….not easy to do when your model stands 10 feet tall.  Great work ladies are winners in my book! Oh and my love Bert was causing a bit of a ruckus on this episode. Looks like Viktor is no fan of Bert. No worries – I'm still rooting for the Halston alum! 

*You know the drill…spoiler alert below. Winner & Loser of episode 3.






Laura Kathleen & Anthony Ryan's winning look



My pick for the winning look Becky & Kim


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