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My Simple & Chic Maxi Dress

31 Aug


Hey Friends! I just wrapped up my styling session at Saks. I am so excited about the Men’s looks I pulled for the event. Note to self: perusing the Men’s suiting department just might be the perfect way to meet single Men. I was chatted up by more than one Man….while waltzing around with a Men’s shirt and tie in my hand. Anywho, I decided to do a little maxi number yesterday with my favorite “Oueen Anne” necklace! I love a great comfy maxi dress! They’re perfect for summer weather and transition into fall with ease. When the colder months “come a knockin” – I’ll rock this baby with some chocolate brown boots and a turquoise necklace!

Oh and word for the day “unexpected”! It’s the word the Saks’s sale associate kept using to describe my looks! I think it will be my new favorite word to describe a look I love “her lipstick was so unexpected”! Yep, sounds good to me!






VMA’s 2011: The Fabulous & The Crazy Looks

30 Aug


Hello Loves!  I hope you are all having a wonderful week! My week is a bit crazy and my post today is a little on the short side. I wanted to share my favorite and not so favorite looks from the VMA’s this past Sunday. I would love to know what some of your favorite looks were?




Lady B looked absolutely stunning in her sunset-orange LANVIN gown!  I am mean could she look any more gorgeous than she already is?! I’m a Beyonce fan thru and thru but I haven’t always been crazy about some of her fashion choices. I was so thrilled to see her in something a bit more classic!  She really knocked it out of the park this award show. I guess that “baby glow” does wonders! 






I heart Adele! Her voice is amazing and she’s so beautiful. She nailed this 60’s inspired look without looking dated. The dress fits her perfectly and her shoes are killer!





What to wear?  I know, I’ll wear my surgical mask and bedazzle it with legos and then I’ll sew the stuff animal I got at the circus on my skirt. Oh wait I should probably also wear the tutu I wore for my first dance recital when I was 3 years old and then I can top it off with a plastic bustier. This had to be Nicki Minaj‘s thought process as she was getting dressed for the VMA’s. Ms. Minaj is very talented but I would have loved to see her in something a little less overwhelming.






Who told these two jokers – otherwise known as lil Wayne and Ne-yo to wear leopard. Apparently lil Wayne didn’t get the memo that jeggings for men were out of style and should NEVER be worn, especially when your belt can’t hold them up around your waist. Ne-yo’s outfit isn’t as hideous as lil Wayne’s. However, NO MAN should rock leopard unless your name is Tom Jones and you are performing at the Palm Casino hotel in Vegas. 


Project Runway: Recap Mondays – episode 5

29 Aug


Good Evening My Darlings! Did any of you catch PR last Thursday? Was it me or did the Designers claws come out. I mean what's up with Joshua McKinley he was a bit nasty to Becky and without cause (not that I advocate being nasty for any reason). I wasn't too impressed with any of the collections in fact I found them rather boring. The only highlight of the show is when adorable Olivier Green bit it on the track and then passed out (I replayed his fall about 5 times while laughing) from a panic attack. Cecilia Motwani bounced from Project Runway as she didn't feel it was for her, in walks Joshua Christensen as her replacement. We'll see if Joshua C. can make it this time around. Even though the Designer clothes were all pretty underwhelming, I still found enjoyment in Bert! He didn't have the best outfit this week but he always stays true to his vision and doesn't let anyone talk him out of it. I guess thats the kind of confidence you get when you've worked for brilliant design houses like HALSTON!

Here's the link to Episode 5!






 Anya Ayoung Chee's winning look                             Viktor Luna's winning look


A Spot of GLAM: The Statement Necklace

27 Aug


I have a strong affinity for big bold "statement necklaces". I buy them all time and never wear them. I don't know why I've avoided wearing this beautiful turquoise necklace, I think it might be because I'm always saving them for a special date with my future Boo. I decided to wear this necklace with a grey v-neck t-shirt, a black fitted sweat shirt, and my new favorite denim brand – James Jeans! I didn't have a date with my future Boo but I did have a very relaxing dinner with my lovely friend Julia! Despite the fact that I was dressed casual, I felt quite glamorous and beautiful with the deep-sea colored stones wrapped around my neck. No more saving my statement jewelry for future "Boo" dates. The time to rock them is NOW! 








Ozwald Boateng: The Iconic Menswear Designer

26 Aug


The King of color and tailoring or at least that's what I call him. I've been following Mr. Boteng's design career for quite some time and I can't get enough of this brilliant Menswear Designer. I am not sure what attracts me more to Ozwald Boateng designs. Maybe its the way he cuts a mean suit or his hot british accent. Either way he's one super talented Designer. Ozwald is constantly pushing the envelope in Menswear, changing our perspective on what Men should wear as a classic suit. I realize that most Men typically shy away from bold and bright colors but there are days when you just need to rock "the pink shirt"! Ooo Wee, a pink shirt on man is like cookies and cream …its such a yummy treat!



Last Days of Summer Fashion

25 Aug


It's winding down to the last days of Summer which is bitter sweet for me. Even though there is nothing like the Summer sun….Fall is my favorite season for fashion! I decided to rock my white pants and take them out for a spin one last time. I just got this new military-inspired sweater and thought it would be perfect paired with white wide-leg trousers. I'm in love with LEIFSDOTTIR, the brand of my cardigan. This little knitted lovely will be awesome for the colder months heading my way!

New episode of Project Runway airs tonight. I can't wait to see what Bert is up to!




Alexander Wang *Glitter Trousers*

24 Aug


I would like to own a pair of these, like NOW! Glitter is usually not my thing but these sassy little trousers just might be the pick me up my wardrobe needs for Fall! I mean don't these pants just scream "HOT DATE"!  Sadly the price of the pants is not as attractive – at $495 a pair. Looks like my desire to own these pants are on hold until they go on sale. Oh that reminds me…..I recently spotted Alexander Wang in the flesh, shopping at Jeremy's in San Francisco. Maybe the next time I see him in the store I could ask him for a special discount. Hmmm…..I wonder if Mr. Wang would go for that?!





Pink, Preppy, Edgy!

23 Aug


Hey Friends! I hope you are all having a fantastic week! Today I decided to go preppy with an edge. I rarely rock the color pink because its a little too sweet for my taste. I always like a bit of a "bite" to my outfits, it makes for a more interesting ensemble. I love this neon pink shirt I got at H&M for only $12.00. The jeans are J Brand  and yes they came with the holes! I was unsure about purchasing ripped jeans but when I tried them on they fit like a glove. For me it's all about the fit when it comes to denim. I hope you like the look I created, not bad for a Tuesday….eh!







Project Runway: Recap Mondays – episode 4

22 Aug


Yay! The Judges and I finally agreed on the winning look! This weeks challenge: design an ensemble for Nina Garcia. I was so excited for this challenge because it was a chance for us to see the Designers create something for the modern day working woman. I was impressed by many of the garments that graced the runway but the winning look stood out immediately to me. As soon as I seen it I said "there it is, that's the outfit for Nina". I really kind of felt like it was a no-brainer for the judges this week. The winning look was chic, classic and just enough edge for a Fashion Editor! I love me a great pair of pants!


*Spoiler Alert below: Winning look below and who's out of PR as of last week.







Kimberly Goldson's Winning Look


Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty Exhibition Video

20 Aug


Long live McQueen! It's hard to believe its a been almost 2 years since the fashion industry lost creative genius Alexander McQueen.  His amazing vision and foresight into what's next for fashion was so inspiring. The Metropolitan Museum of Art just wrapped up the iconic Designer's exhibition in New York City. I hear that London is now petitioning for the exhibit to head their way. I didn't get a chance to see the exhibit while it was in the States, so I'm hoping that London's request will be granted and I can head across the Pond to view this brilliant exhibit. Until then this video will have to satisfy my McQueen craving! Enjoy!


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