The Making of the Iconic Hermès Birkin Bag

30 Jul


Oh the elusive Birkin! To own this bag would mean you saved $10,000 of your hard earned money and waited patiently for 5 years. The waiting list continues to grow and why shouldn't it when each bag is hand sewn by a skilled Hermès Craftman.  I secretly want to kidnap one of the Hermès Craftsman/women and force them to make Birkin bags for me all day. I would only allow breaks for sleeping and eating and then its back to sewing they go….just kidding.  I love this short documentary on the designing and crafting process of  the iconic Hermès Birkin bag.  I keep having this recurring dream that I'm gifted with a Birkin bag by a lovely stranger. I immediately start crying with joy only to awake and discover it was only a dream. : ( 



Fashion File_ Making Hermes Bags by

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