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The Making of the Iconic Hermès Birkin Bag

30 Jul


Oh the elusive Birkin! To own this bag would mean you saved $10,000 of your hard earned money and waited patiently for 5 years. The waiting list continues to grow and why shouldn't it when each bag is hand sewn by a skilled Hermès Craftman.  I secretly want to kidnap one of the Hermès Craftsman/women and force them to make Birkin bags for me all day. I would only allow breaks for sleeping and eating and then its back to sewing they go….just kidding.  I love this short documentary on the designing and crafting process of  the iconic Hermès Birkin bag.  I keep having this recurring dream that I'm gifted with a Birkin bag by a lovely stranger. I immediately start crying with joy only to awake and discover it was only a dream. : ( 



Fashion File_ Making Hermes Bags by

Well…Hello Mr. McPreppy!

29 Jul


H&M released photos for their new Fall 2011 Men's wear collection and things are looking up! Where did they find this cutie?! And by cutie I mean the stretch wool blazer with elbow patches! Oh and the model in the jacket isn't hard on the eyes either! It look like Men's clothing is going to get a major boost in the classy department. Way to go H&M!!!









HELLO KITTY Shoe Collection “Part Deux”

28 Jul


This Kitty sure does get around! The Sanrio brand has teamed up with another iconic shoe brand Dr. Martens! "Hello Kitty" collarborated with Dr. Marten to create a very limited edition shoe collection. Being raised in Seattle, Washington is was virtual impossible NOT to own a pair of the edgy lugged-sole shoe. I remember wearing my Dr. Martens with my favorite plaid skirt and white blouse (gosh that was such a cute outfit). I'm not sure if I could rock these Hello Kitty – Dr. Marten shoes. I'm pretty sure my Seattle friends would laugh me right out of the Evergreen State! They just don't have that "grunge" feel to them. *wink*






Pretty! Vintage! Drinking Glasses!!

27 Jul


This has to be the BEST find of the year! This deal is better than the ESPIRT sweater I brought for $0.83 in 1993 (true story).  After Church last Sunday I decided to do a little Goodwill hunting and I scored big time! I purchased these gorgeous, giraffe print, drinking glasses for $10. The sale was "buy one – get one free" so I did what any sane shopper would do….I cleaned out the entire vintage glassware section at the Goodwill. It was a great day for Goodwill Shoppers everywhere!







Clutch That! Laptop Cases Get FANCY

26 Jul


Now here’s a trend I could get use to – a laptop case that doubles as a clutch! These swanky laptop cases are chic and large enough to work as an oversized clutch. Hmmm….maybe I should send a note to my favorite Designer MJ (Marc Jacobs) and inform him that he’s missing out on a untapped market. Designing Laptop bags that could also be used as a purse. The designing wheels in my head are vigorously spinning……


Laptop Case Sleeve Clutch Handbag trends 2011-1


Laptop case2






“Hello Kitty” – Vans Sneaker Collection

25 Jul


Yeah! Yeah! Vans collaborated with the icon Hello Kitty to design a limited edition sneaker collection. I actually broke down today and purchased a pair of the high tops below. I'm trying to relive my years as a silly 12 year old girl. I think it might be working! Hmmm….




The Royal Wedding Dress on Display at Buckingham Palace

23 Jul


I guess we just can't get enough of the iconic Royal Wedding Dress designed by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen. I loved the dress but I wasn't in love with it. I am more obsessed with the fact that Alexander McQueen had a hand in English history without actually designing the dress. The wedding dress that Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge worn will be on Display starting July 23rd at Buckingham Palace! The exhibit will run until early October. I for one want to go so that I can see the video of the making of the dress which will also be part of the exhibit. Oh to be a Princess and find true love with your Prince. Some girls have all the luck!















Jimmy Choo MEN’s Fall 2011 Footwear Collection

22 Jul


Who said Jimmy Choo couldn't design shoes for Men?!  Now these are some pretty snazzy shoes even for the "Hipster"! I suggest you save up your chips if you want to sport these babies, they're going to set you back $900 big ones. Style ain't cheap!











“Hottie Tottie” Shoes for Fall ’11

21 Jul


Nicholas Kirkwood the Master of shoe design…or at least that's what I call him! Kirkwood designs shoes according to his inspiration! It looks like leather, grommets, and lace cutouts were on the brain when he created his fall collection! I admire his talent immensely but I don't think my feet would be happy in any of these works of art. I love a sexy shoe but my days are over for trying to be cute and having my feet in pain. Although I might slip my feet in the hot pair of heels below just to make sure!







Pre-Fall Style with SONIA RYKIEL

20 Jul


Ms. Sonia Rykiel sure brought back the "classy lady" with her pre-fall collection! A modern twist on the classic silhouette….GENIUS!  I'm smitten with the deconstructed, plaid, apron dress below! Rykiel's pieces are sure to be a showstopper when the cooler months roll around.  I've slowly started to dig in the back of my closet for my favorite fall pieces.  I know… I know… its still technically Summer but in my world: Fall's a comin'.






















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