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RODARTE Debuts Couture Collection at Pitti in Italy

18 Jun


RODARTE is slowing becoming one of my all time favorite Designers! I'm wrapping up my travels in Asia and heading back to the States tomorrow.  I wish I had time to make a quick stop  in Florence, Italy to check out the RODARTE exhibit! They recently debuted their first Couture Collection and it's magnificent!










TRUSSARDI 1911 for MEN Spring Summer 2011

17 Jun

Here's a very fashion forward Men's Collection by TRUSSARDI 1911! This style might not be for every man but I'm confident the Hipster could pull these looks off nicely!



Vivienne Tam Fall 2011 Collection

16 Jun


Vivienne Tam's Fall 2011 Collection is fantastic! I love that she always stays true to her Asian culture inspiration when creating her collections! I recently visited her flagship store in Hong Kong and fell more in love with the beautiful dresses she designs. If only I could afford one of her lovely pieces!


Vivi 1 

Vivi 2 

Vivi 3 




Swooning over YSL “MUSE” Bag

15 Jun


This bag may not look like much but I am swooning over it! I saw a woman carrying it in the Hong Kong Airport and I almost chased her down to see where she got it. The gorgeous YSL "Muse" Bag is sold out everywhere and I WANT IT!


Louis Vuitton LOVES Beijing

14 Jun


If you're heading to Beijing China anytime soon you MUST check out the Louis Vuitton exhibit at Beijing National Museum in China.I will be in China on Thursday and I'm experiencing slight depression because I won't have time to visit the museum. It's probably a good thing, I'm convinced that seeing all those gorgeous LV bags would set off a case of bad  judgement where I would be forced to snatch a bag or two.








On Trend “Circle Lens”

13 Jun


Before Lady Gaga's bad romance video, Japanese Fashionista were rocking the "circle lens".  I've been seeing this white hot trend on every fashion forward gir here in Asia. From flight attendant to the locals everyone is going gaga over the circle lens.  These unique contact len gives your eyes a doe- like look. They sell for $20 to $30 a pair. My eyes are already as big as a cartoon.  I think I'll stick to my good old contact lens for astigmatism that Dr. Woo prescribes for me.




On Holiday In BALI

11 Jun


Here we are 27 hours later, I finally landed in BALI! Words can not describe how completely lovley this island is!  The Balinese people are beautiful, the food is amazing, and the beaches! Well the beaches are insanely breathtaking. I just had the most wonderful meal on the beach in Jimbaran! I am so sad to be leaving this peaceful place in a couple of days. Thank GOD for safe travels and fun! Until next year BALI…. I bid you sweet dreams! 


My Hotel



Beautiful Balinese Children 

Bali kids 


Bali Culture

Bali culture 



Bali house


Balinese Cuisine at Merlin's Cafe in Jimbaran



 Myself and Van (my traveling buddy)

Kena and van 


Bali Sunset 

Bali sunrise 

VERSACE Men’s Fall 2011 Collection

10 Jun


VERSACE! This has to be one of their better shows for Menswear! First off I love the the sci-fi TRON influence in the shows set. VERSACE is known for working with lots of color in their collections, so I am pretty surprised to see black being one of their stronger colors for FALL. Either way I'm co-signing this collection as superb!



Chloé Arm Candy

9 Jun


Hello from Hong Kong! That's right I'm currently in HK sitting in the Business Lounge blogging! I saw this amazing AD on my flight for Chloe handbags! I've always wanted to own a Chloe handbag not for the name but for the undoubtley incredible way these bags are made. Here are a few of my favorite bags from Chloe's Summer 2011 Collection!








Pink bag

For the Love of PLEATS

8 Jun


Long pleated skirts will be the trend of the season for FALL this year!  Any skirt in a bright jeweled color with make the cut. Check out these winning looks below. I wish I could get my hands on that emerald green skirt below!






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