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Louis Vuitton Cruise Collection 2011

30 Jun


HOT! HOT! HOT! King Louis is at it again with another stellar creation – their 2011 Cruise Collection! Oh how I wish I owned a yacht so I could adorn myself with one of these brilliant pieces! I would walk about on the deck of my yachet shouting "Jeffery bring me another coke on the rocks"! (Jeffery is my imaginary butler)










Fashion Details

29 Jun


It's the small details that takes a garment from pretty to exquisite. The delicate jeweled detail at the neck of the gown is so simple but makes a huge impact on the elegance of the dress! With minimal accessories this gown would be a show stopper for the red carpet. Merci CHANEL!





Classic CHANEL ~ Cruise Collection 2012

28 Jun


AMAZING!!!  Just who are the lucky women that get to wear the glorious pieces from CHANEL's Resort Collection?!  I don't own a Villa in Italy, a Chateau in Paris, or a summer house in Napa, I guess there's really no need for me to rock a silk beaded dress from the CHANEL Resort Collection! Check out the beautiful fashion show below!



Up to 50% Off Shorts at OLD NAVY

27 Jun


Bonjour my lovely Readers! I'm camping and white water rafting in Utah this week. I needed some shorts for my excursion and popped into to Old Navy to see what I could find! I got a really great deal on twill and denim pair of shorts. They're both super cute and comfy. Check out the sale before you're sizes are sold out!  


Ultimate Wedding Dress – Alexander McQueen

25 Jun


Alexander McQueen will always be one of the greats! These amazing wedding dresses are a testament to why his designs and creativity will be celebrated for many years to come. I wonder if I will be able to afford one of these luscious gowns when I get married!









Ermenegildo Zenga Men’s Fall 2011 Collection

24 Jun


It looks like black and grey are the colors of choice for menswear. Ermenegildo Zenga presented a very classic menswear collection for Fall! I'm digging the "Clark Kent" look! There's something so intoxicating about a man in stylish eye-wear, it screams intellect and confidence!



My Hong Kong Love…Rabeanco

23 Jun


Hello! Lovely readers meet my “Hong Kong love” Rabeanco! I purchased a Rabeanco bag as my special treat from HK! The color attracted me into thee store but the leather sealed the deal! Buttery soft and smooth, if they made panties this soft I would purchase 10 pair of them. Ok maybe that’s a bad visual me shopping for leather panties – I think you get the point!  This leather bag is AMAZING!!!







Fantasy Fashion: Manish Arora

22 Jun


Nothing says futuristic or fantasy like a Collection from Indian Designer MANISH ARORA! He is in a league of his own and I like it! Here are a few of my favorite pieces from his spring and fall Collections for 2011. Don't you just love artistic talent, its mind blowing!


















VERSACE for H&M: Coming this Fall…..

21 Jun


I thought this was a joke until I saw Donatella Versace herself announcing that VERSACE and H&M will be collaborating on a special collection this fall. The iconic collection is scheduled to be available in stores November 17th! I can't wait….I am already counting down the days! Check out the stunning black leather dress with gold studs at the end of the video, its one of the pieces from the upcoming collection. Those young teen H&M shoppers better watch out when the VERSACE collection is launched.  I'm 33, single, and have plenty of disposal cash to spend on unnecessary high fashion pieces. I won't be playing nice come November 17th. Game On!!!


Agnès b. – New for Summer

20 Jun


I got a chance to visit the Agnès b. store while in Hong Kong this past weekend! I'm starting to develop a bit of a fashion crush on her summer collection. Fresh geometric shapes are best done in bright bold colors!  Voilà!








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