My Picks for Best Dressed at the Oscars 2011

28 Feb


Ok… ok…so I normally NEVER feature celebrities on my blog. I mean my blog's tagline  is "where fashion is celebrity". My blog is about celebrating all things FASHION and the everyday women who love it. However, I received several request from some of my readers to feature which gowns I thought were the best. I chose these five women below because,  not only do they look smashing in their gowns but they chose dresses that enhance their personality and individual beauty! As I like to say "these women wore the dress" ….." the dress didn't wear them." Now, please keep in my mind these are my opinions if you don't agree …that's cool. Just remember I write the blog NOT you…..ok just kidding. Kinda of. ; )


Cate Blanchett in GIVENCHY


Mila Kunis in ELIE SAAB 


Helena Bonham Carter in COLLEEN ATWOOD


Scarlett Johansson in DOLCE & GABBANA


Jennifer Hudson in VERSACE


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