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My Picks for Best Dressed at the Oscars 2011

28 Feb


Ok… ok…so I normally NEVER feature celebrities on my blog. I mean my blog's tagline  is "where fashion is celebrity". My blog is about celebrating all things FASHION and the everyday women who love it. However, I received several request from some of my readers to feature which gowns I thought were the best. I chose these five women below because,  not only do they look smashing in their gowns but they chose dresses that enhance their personality and individual beauty! As I like to say "these women wore the dress" ….." the dress didn't wear them." Now, please keep in my mind these are my opinions if you don't agree …that's cool. Just remember I write the blog NOT you…..ok just kidding. Kinda of. ; )


Cate Blanchett in GIVENCHY


Mila Kunis in ELIE SAAB 


Helena Bonham Carter in COLLEEN ATWOOD


Scarlett Johansson in DOLCE & GABBANA


Jennifer Hudson in VERSACE


LeSportSac – “Best Weekend Bag”

26 Feb


The LeSportSac "Weekender Bag"  is my forvatie bag to take on a short holiday! I detest dealing with multiple bags when I'm traveling, I prefer taking one large bag to carry all my stuff in. LeSportSac is  durable, travels well, fits perfectly in those tiny airplane overhead bins, and best of all it's super cute. I try and wait until the bags go on sale at Bloomingdale's or Nordstrom Rack. I've found that Bloomingdale's puts their LeSportSac bags on sale right before and after Christmas. Last Christmas I scored the "Weekender Bag" for $40.00 including tax, not bad since the original price is over a $100.00. Check out some of the fun prints the bag comes in!






1506727-p-DETAILED Luggage_lesportsac-1

Men in Scarves

25 Feb


Winter is still upon us and in many parts of the world it is necessary to bundle up. I love a stylish scarf on a man! Especially when he's rockin' his 5'clock shadow because he forgot to shave. It's best to wear a scarf that is long enough to wrap around your neck a couple of times and still be able to tuck it into your blazer or coat. Fellas, stay away from wearing bandannas as a scarf – that look is only appropriate if you're auditioning for the lead role in a Western Film or planning on participating in a bank heist. Check out some of the awesome scarf looks below!









CHANEL Pre-Fall 2011 – Istanbul

24 Feb


I'll take one of each please, would have been my response to this luxurious and exotic show! I mean who doesn't want to look like a Princess?! Leaving no detail to chance Karl Lagerfeld thought of everything when creating this master couture collection inspired by Istanbul, Turkey. CHANEL has been able to sustain themselves for the past 100 years for many reasons, one being their ability to pay special attention to detail. Just look at how radiant the jewels look on these gowns. If I was fortunate enough to get my hot little hands on one of these exquisite pieces I would definitely find somewhere to wear it ASAP. I wouldn't care if I had to throw myself a party, go grocery shopping, or crash a strangers wedding…..any event would work just so I can wear my couture CHANEL gown!

























Burberry Prorsum Womenswear Show – London Fashion Week Fall 2011

23 Feb

Burberry Prorsum Autumn/Winter Collection is to die for The runway was simple, the coats were chic and the special treat at the end of snow falling on the models final walk through was brilliant!  Burberry doesn’t really need to do anything more to gain my affection for their amazing clothes. Oh, there is one thing they can do….they can seriously consider lowering their prices so that I can afford the “Transparent Weather Cape” I am drooling over. What type of plastic is this Cape made from that it cost £795?! Even with it’s staggering price tag I still say…. “I Love it!”

Burberry Prorsum “Transparent sculptural weather Cape”


I Heart My Marc! Marc Jacobs Fall 2011 RTW

22 Feb


Ooh la la! Marc Jacobs has got polka-dot fever! His magnificent Fall 2011 Collection was full of the whimsical print along with structured skirts, pill box hats, victorian-inspired ankle boots, and beautiful delicate lace dresses.  Not sure if any of you remember my article earlier this year regarding polka dots being a major trend for Spring, it looks like this trend will carry over to Fall as well. I'm not really fond of the idea of wearing all the pieces together. I think it would be more fun to pair each individual piece with a more modern silhouette. Below are some pics of my favorite pieces from MJ Collection! Enjoy!































My New Fashion Crush – Velvet Dr. Martens Boots

21 Feb

Yep that’s right, I’m going old school with “My New Fashion Crush”! Check out these fabulous Red Cherry Velvet Dr. Martens Boots. I’ve just ordered them as a belated b-day gift to myself. Dr. Martens aren’t as popular as they once were in States but our British friends across the Pond still fancy the army inspired boots! My master plan is to rock these babies with plaid skirts or leggings. They may not be on trend right now but, I can’t resist the red cherry velvet. Actually I’m going to scratch the plaid skirt idea. I recently had a 17 year old, on his BMX bike, ask for my number at the bus stop. I thought to myslef…”this is NOT happening, please tell me this kid is NOT serious.” As I walked away I decided I am no longer going to wear backpacks and puffy coats. Anyway, I can’t wait to wear these awesome boots!


My Vintage Pins

19 Feb


I heart my vintage pins! These beautiful vintage pins were given to me by Mother! I wear them all the time… on a sweater, blazer, or sometimes even on my favorite handbag! I love pins and frequently look for them when I am vintage shopping. They are very hard to find and usually cost a small fortunate if you're lucky enough to find one. I will hang on to these babies and if I'm blessed to have a daughter one day, I will pass them down to her. 








Perry Ellis Fall 2011 Men’s Collection

18 Feb


A few years ago when I was living in New York I got an opportunity to work the Perry Ellis show backstage at Fashion Week. I must say it was a bit overwhelming behind the curtains with all the running around, yelling, clothing changes, and half naked models. I was like a five year old little girl trying to dress the male models with my eyes clothes (sorry I don't do well viewing half naked strangers… models or not.) I admit it was a very memorable experience and I would actually do it again if give the chance. Perry Ellis is one of those rare Men Designer's that always gets it right! He has a knack for really emphasizing the classic way a man should dress. I know most men would rather be hanging out in jeans and t-shirt but sometimes, us women love to look at a FULLY well dressed man!! Just thinking about a man in suit makes me smile!














Rodarte Fall 2011 Collection

17 Feb


Each picture is listed in order of love! Never being a huge fan of this particular Designer because, their clothes tend to be a bit too whimsical or unwearable. Well it looks like I'm going to swallow my fashion pride and say "LOVE IT!" RODARTE Fall 2011 Collection is one of the top 3 Collections for New York Fashion Week. The color palette was so amazing and fresh, ice blue, black, tan, and pops of red. Oh and the details ….let's talk about those….leather cut outs on apron skirts, sparkly silk tops, strong design lines, delicate fabrics, long prairie skirts, crochet dresses, ombré color gowns….it's all so perfect! Rodarte is also the same Designers that designed the Costumes for the Oscar nominated movie "Black Swan". This dynamic design team of sisters is having an exceptional year! I must say I'm looking forward to seeing more of RODARTE's Collections in the future, I might even invest in one of their whimsical skirts.






























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