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Look of the Day *Mad About Plaid*

19 Jan


Recently, I began to embrace plaid as a staple print in my wardrobe. It took me several years to get to this point, I kept having this recurring fear of looking like Lumber Jack Janie. Something about walking around with a red plaid shirt on screamed, "I should be in the woods cutting down trees." Well I've come to a new realization….I actually find plaid quite lovely and chic. It turns out I am crazy for the print! I'm not sure if it's the updated feminine silhouettes, the different color variations of plaid, or a combination of the two. Either way I seem to be making up for loss time as I have purchased 5 plaid shirts in the last 3 days. I don't feel too bad as my shirts we're on sale! Here's some fun looks to get you started on your  plaid obsession!







JOHN GALLIANO S/S 2011 Collection

18 Jan


JOHN GALLIANO never fails to put on a spectacular show! As the Creative Director for Christian Dior as well as his own line, the amount of creative genius this man possess is mind blowing. How does He continue to top his collections season after season?! GALLIANO's spring/summer 2011 collection not only reaffirms his insane talent but, the strong presence of bright colors which continue to grace the Parisians runway. I'm feeling like 2011 is going to be one colorful, fantasy-filled world!









 (John Galliano pictures courtesy of


LANVIN S/S 2011 Collection

17 Jan


LANVIN never ceases to amaze me! I'm a sucker for most French Designers and LANVIN seems to always top my list! Here's a few pics of my favorite pieces from their s/s 2011 Collection. You can never go wrong with silk, pleats, and prints!



Rock The Dot

15 Jan


Polka dots will be a fun and fresh look gracing the streets of fashion this summer! Tons of Designers showcased polka dots in their S/S 2011 collections last fall. I will definitely be welcoming this classic print with open arms! I happen to own several lovely polka dotted dresses, that I can't wait to slip into when summer arrives. Don't regulate yourself to just black&white or red&white polka dots, go bold with multi-color polka dots, mix n' match them. Get wild and crazy with this trend! Just remember you're easier to spot when you're rockin' the DOT!



Louis Vuitton S/S 2011 Collection


Street Style 





Moschino S/S 2011 Collection

 (Pictures courtesy of and wayne tippetts)

Sneaker Head 2.0

14 Jan


"Sneaker Heads" are guys who own loads of sneakers! They know all the release dates for the latest Jordans. They're the guys you see waiting in line at any sneaker store to get their hands on the hottest pair of kicks. I call it "extra butter" sneakers.  "Extra butter" is a term I coined for making a purchase that is pure luxury. No man needs to own 50 pairs of sneakers but, for those that do it's serious business. Fellas feel strongly about owning the right pair of sneakers to bring out the flavor of whatever they're sporting. I'm not hating on the fellas for their sneaker obsession. My handbag collection could go toe to toe with even the greatest "sneaker head". Here's my favorite "extra butter" sneakers for those Fellas who can't leave the house without wearing the perfect kicks!

Louis Vuitton "Don" Sneakers




Louis Vuitton "Jaspers" Sneakers




 Puma Sky High – Spring 2011




Air Jordan V.2 Grown – Spring 2011


Lanvin Woven Sneakers – Spring 2011


Old School Jordans – Sky High Sneakers

Sky high

To Romania with LOVE

13 Jan


Recently, I’ve been getting some major love from my Romanian readers. Over a 1000 people visited my blog yesterday from Romania.  I adore all my international readers and here in the States. However, I thought today I would send some love back to Romania by featuring the lovely Haute Couture Designer Ingrid Vlasov! Ingrid’s spring/summer 2011 collection is magnificent! I’m enamored with the black and white color palette. Her fresh take on the black and white combo breaths new life into the staple colors. One of the best collections to grace Paris Fashion Week last fall! Pentru toţi cititorii mei români vă mulţumesc prim-plan lectură blog-ul meu şi multă dragoste!


Ingrid Vlasov Spring/Summer 2011 Collection




Bit of PREEN

12 Jan


PREEN focused on long full skirts for their pre-fall 2011 collection. The magenta one below if my favorite! Sadly, I won't be owning it as Preen's prices are a bit too rich for my blood. On second thought my birthday is coming up. Anyone interested in sending me a ridiculously, over-priced, ($1300) skirt for my b-day? 



Paul & Joe Cat Lipstick

11 Jan


No, this isn't lipstick for your cat. Paul & Joe created a fun cosmetic collection for 2011. Check it out at Urban  or Better hurry though these lipsticks are limited edition! Once they're sold out that's it. The little cat faces are so cute!  Meow….


Paul & Joe Cat Lipstick

Knock Out Gloves

10 Jan


Dominic Jones Gold Nail Gloves! This is definitely a look for the more adventurous fashionista. It just so happens that on occasion I am that girl. I also happen to be the girl that's easily freaked out by extremely long nails.  So this style might pose a bit of  a challenge for me. I adore the red version but, could see myself wearing them, forgetting they have nails attached, only to scratch my eye and start screaming because I think someone is trying to attack me.  I've been known to swat myself on the head mistaking my sunglasses for a spider.




My Bag Cares

8 Jan


I can not believe I've become an avid user of re-usable bags. I rarely use plastic or paper bags at the grocery store. For now I must not worry about my recycle and protect the earth craze. I'll only become concerned when I start meeting a group of people, in long skirts at my local park , to sing "Cumby-Yah". This is the best re-usable bag! It's large enough for a ton of groceries, extremely durable (I've had mine for 3 yrs), and you can wash it in the washing machine. Check them out at!


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