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Chris Benz -“fly like a G6”

4 Jan


Chris Benz is "fly like a G6" because he's from Seattle! He's also an amazing Designer who is up and coming in New York City. I believe him to be the next "Marc Jacobs"! Check out Benz's spring/summer 2011 collection below. I'm in love with the relaxed and classic silhouettes. Oh, and if anyone is scratching their head thinking, "this Designer came from Seattle"? Let me let you in on a little secret about The Great Northwest! If you're reading this blog with a cup of Starbucks in hand….you can thank Seattle! If you're wearing a fabulous pair of shoes that you purchased from Nordstrom….you can thank Seattle. If you have ever made an online purchase from….you can thank Seattle. If you have any Microsoft program open on your computer at this very moment…that's right, you can thank Seattle. Ok I'm done bragging about my hometown but, Seattle Rocks!










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