Vivienne Westwood “Jelly” Shoes

3 Jan

I remember begging my Mom for jelly sandals when I was a little girl. I finally got a pair for the summer trips I use to take as a kid to see my Grandparents in NY! Excited about my new glittery jellies, I immediately wore them and board the plane for the six hour flight to NY….bad idea! Those little plastic shoes quickly became devices of torture, forming major blisters on my feet. I was in so much pain by the time we landed, I was pleading with my parents to allow me to walk through the airport barefooted. I complained so much that my lovely Mother bought me a new pair of  shoes. That was my first of many fashion lessons….”pretty doesn’t equal comfort.” Jelly shoes have gotten the designer treatment from Vivienne Westwood’s collaboration with Melissa Shoes.  I love Westwood’s updated version of  the jelly. I actually think I might buy a pair! I guess I didn’t “really” learn my lesson at age 10. Here’s my logic, my first pair of jelly shoes were purchased from the swap meet (don’t judge it was the 80’s) and probably made from a lesser quality of plastic. Whereas the Vivienne Westwood jellies are made from rubber. Surely, the comfort-ability factor greatly increases with designer rubber versus swap meet plastic. Right?


(Shoes are sold at and



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